Sponsor Southwark Rugby Club

Sponsor Southwark Rugby Club

Our club is slightly different to most traditional clubs, nestled in Burgess Park, between Peckham and Bermondsey our solitary pitch is flanked by the imposing Aylesbury Estate and is within sight of the Shard.

Rugby has yet to establish a strong foothold in inner London and we are one of only a small handful who provide training and playing facilities within Zone 1. The Club’s mission is to instil rugby's core values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship within it's members.

Southwark Rugby began as a pilot project between Wooden Spoon, the RFU and Southwark Council to provide valuable activity to young people in an area of significant deprivation. Spoon funding provided kit, equipment and transport, the RFU and the Council provided coaching and facilities. The results exceeded expectations, and led to the founding of Southwark Tigers, the first inner‐city children’s rugby club.

Training and matches take place at Burgess Park, an area between Camberwell to the west, Walworth to the north, Bermondsey to the east and Peckham to the south. The Estates that surround the park top the national league tables for childhood obesity and teenage pregnancy, it is also a neighbourhood that is notorious for gang culture and knife crime. The majority of junior players come from the Aylesbury Estate which is one of the largest in Europe and considered an area of extremely high social disadvantage.

The club’s senior men’s team was formed in 2008 and quickly advanced through the leagues to it’s current position in Kent’s First Division. It regularly fields 3 teams and has over 80 members made up of a rich tapestry of nationalities and all walks of life.

We would love to hear from any potential sponsors who can help us improve the service that we currently provide to our members and the wider community in Southwark.

Contact Chris Callaway 07740419539 - info@southwark-lancers.co.uk for more information.