Sat 13
Charlton Park IV
3rd XV - Tourists
Impressive performance from a bunch of Tourists

Impressive performance from a bunch of Tourists

By Chris Callaway
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Tourists from Burgess Park raid Kidbrooke

Quick note. The author "ShanShan" forgets that the match he is writing about is actually against Charlton Park. Not Askean....

A merry band of Tourists togged out on a chilly Saturday, with game faces and surprisingly hangover free faces a plenty.

The additions to the starting Tourists line-up of Chris "Man baby Gazelle" Callaway and Jack Hewett returning from injury stepping up to the captaincy position with Ping MIA, further bolstering the strong Tourists line-up Southwark has become accustom to producing this year.

From the outset strong running from Jack, Jack, Eric and out to Nick on the wing absolutely annihilated their contemporaries in the Askeans back line. Strong defence as well across the backs and excellent, ney magnificent work-rate and organisation in the forwards neutralised any threat presented by Askeans.

The Tourists scrum displayed great power, winning both our own and Askeans' scrums until Askeans could take no more and pleaded for uncontested.

Obliging this only led further to their downfall by establishing a stable base for Tourists backs to electrify, making Eric look ten years younger, and began to cut up Askeans with ease.

Phil kept his eyes up and scored a fine try plucking the ball from the back of the scrum and skipping past the Askeans scrum, still locked in.

The tries began to flood in as the Tourists (not for the first time this season) found momentum, Uche, Gary, Shrek and and Jack all appearing on the scoreboard.

Even your fine narrator found himself over, only remembering at the last minute that the ball does actually have to be placed on the deck.

Ed had a stormer of a run downhill in the second half, dishing out hand offs with the veracity of Niall mocking deceased mothers, selflessly passing the ball to Chris at the last minute to run over. Word on the street is he's been on performance enhancing pints, however rumours are unconfirmed.

Nick "I'm going to the Miller" went full Donald Trump, greedily refusing to pass to anyone, attempting to, on his own, "Make Tourists Great Again" ran in four nifty tries, lighting up his wheels at any opportunity.

Gary's fiercely consistent kicking performance drove the Tourists scoreline up to dizzying heights, an aspect which could prove vital later in the season.

As the second half neared running its course Askeans sneaked across after battering our forwards repeatedly with admirable tenacity and perseverance. So fair play lads. Also fair play to the Askeans helpers dishing out a fine chilli con carne with unlimited cheese. Sound behaviour on all fronts.

Until next time chaps…

Nick - 4
Jack - 2
Jack - 1
Shan - 1
Shrek - 1
Chris - 1
Gary - 1
Uche - 1

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