Want to be more than just a supporter?

We are always looking for more volunteers too help with coaching and managing our teams. We are also looking for volunteers to help organise events and help out on the day. Finally, we are always on the look out for management and professional services experience to help run the club. Just speak email roger@felton.co.uk if you feel you can contribute something/anything.

If you are no longer an active player but want to continue supporting your club or you are a parent who appreciates what the club has done (is doing) for your son or daughter, then why not become a Vice President at Southwold Rugby. Our loyal VPs continue to make a great contribution to the financial stability of our lovely club.

It is open to everyone and the Vice President Membership package includes the opportunity to apply for International Tickets and invitations to attend a pre-match lunch.

£50 per year or £300 for 10 years

Simply download the VP Membership Form, complete it and get it it Steve Marshlain or call him on 01502 132 025