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Coronavirus Update from RFU for Training Sessions

Coronavirus Update from RFU for Training Sessions

By Nicky Franklin
25 June 2020
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The RUF has outlined new training guidelines for Rugby Clubs as the government continues to makes changes to the restrictions in place.

The RFU have issued a Rugby restart Road Map (see attached) which must be adhered to by all members of the RFU, Spalding RFC and from a Public Health perspective.
We currently continue to be in Phase B (Stage 2) until otherwise advised by the RFU , based on Public Health and Government advice.

Following the government’s announcement gatherings of up to six people would be permitted in gardens and outside areas, so long as the two-metre social distancing guidelines are adhered to (this maybe reduced to 1m in the coming weeks by the Government), the RFU has said that they are already at stage two of their plan, meaning clubs can now return to training so long as players are restricted to groups of six with no face-to-face contact and, equipment sharing is contained to a minimum.

The six stages of the RFU’s Restart Road Map are:

  • Stage one: Individual training with one person
  • Stage two: Small group training
  • Stage three: Larger group training: Limited face-to-face/close contact
  • Stage four: Whole team training: Increased face-to-face/close contact
  • Stage five: Whole team training: In preparation for matches
  • Stage six: Return to match play

See the attached document which clearly outlines what can be done by players and coaches at each stage of the Roadmap.
Sessions can be held with groups of no more than 6 players social distancing at 2 metres and no face to face contact, this means no form of Touch Rugby will be permitted until possibly Stage 3 or 4 (C or D as advised) !

Limited equipment can be shared - but needs sanitizing before, during and after sessions. The recommendation for training is a rotating workstation or area for each group of 6 to work at and to keep the same group of 6 players in social bubble where possible.
It is essential that all players bring their own reusable drinking bottles.

There will be no facilities open at the new ground at this juncture for changing etc in line with Public Health guidelines.

If any coaches and players decide to go ahead with training sessions on this basis, they must ensure the sessions are sufficiently organised to keep within the above guidelines of groups of no more than 6 in each block of activity, social distancing and no face to face contact (no Touch Rugby) and that these guidelines are sufficiently communicated to the players.

As a Club we have a public health duty of care both to the players and families, and above all to the local community, so it is essential club members, coaches and players strictly adhere to these guidelines if they decide to attend or run any training sessions.

If there are any obvious drift on these social distancing rules, the club will cease any training activity and close the sessions down, at a time when we all agree all players are keen to get back to training in preparation for the new season in September whatever form that will take.

We are sure the above is very manageable in the capable and responsible hands of our coaches and welcome to players wanting to get back on the road to fitness.


RFU Restart Roadmap 2020

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