Sat 13
Under 8's
Under 8's v Mallinson

Under 8's v Mallinson

By Jose Viana
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Match report

Welcome to Sport London e Benfica's Under 8's. This new team was brought together as the club goes younger and younger with every new addition team. Their first season is going to be a strong learning curve this season as this new team will be playing against teams that have been together for several seasons.And so forward onto the game. Their opponents - Mallinson, who had already played 2 weeks prior.Benfica started the game brightly. Kept possession well but lacked the finishing sharpness needed to go ahead. In contrast, as Benfica pushed forward to get their deserved goal, they were caught on the break which meant that Benfica went 2-0 down, against the run of play in quick succession.These newly formed teams are all about finding out how the players react to certain situations, positions, their fitness, and finding out their strengths and weaknesses. We aim to put the players in various playing positions as an experience for each player's development.Despite the scoreline, the boys seemed pretty determined that they could turn it around. The manager too knew that a single goal would start that momentum to get something out of the game. With a few manager tweaks, here and there, Benfica got that first goal from a Xavier cross on the right which ended with Tashan finishing. An important message was sent out throughout the team that all was not lost. The second came again soon after, also from Tashan. The third seemed to take an eternity to come as both teams had good chances but Benfica were on top and pinning the opposition defence mostly into their own half. Time was running out and into the last thirty seconds of the game there seemed to be no way through.Tashan, on his hat-trick received the ball on the edge of the area on the left. As he took aim, with the Benfica Supporters behind him, the ball was beautifully and sweetly struck leaving the goalkeeper no chance despite the distance from goal. Truly a goal worth remembering and a deserved match winner. The match ended.A fantastic game witnessed by all present. Better than any premiership I have seen recently. But I would say that. I am their manager! ... to be continued!José 
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Sat 13, Oct 2012



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