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St Albans Flyerz is a disability project which aims to make hockey available to all via inclusive sessions, supported by volunteers from SAHC.

Story so far:
Week-day, term-time based successful sessions were originally trialled with Oaklands College Landmark and Springfield Supported Learning and Internship programmes in June 2015. The following season, St Albans Flyerz was established as a permanent section of the club.

The sessions are:

  • offered free of charge
  • held both in the sports hall and on the Astroturf
  • designed to be a relaxed and fun introduction to the game
  • adapted to use modified equipment where necessary
  • A typical session combines practice and drills and culminates in game-play, which is usually highly competitive!

St Albans Flyerz needs more volunteers to:

  • Deliver sessions (no coaching experience necessary)
  • Assist with administration and organisation as we grow
  • Help with advertising, social media, recruitment and getting the message out!
  • Research & develop ideas for equipment modifications

Facebook: St Albans Flyerz

Flyerz Hockey – Bringing Hockey to Everyone
There is a growing network of hockey clubs involved in Flyerz hockey who meet regularly to exchange ideas and support Flyerz development, supported by ACCESS SPORT (one of our sponsors) who also provide optional training courses covering inclusive sport and support for disabilities.

What people are saying about St Albans Flyerz hockey:
“It’s a challenging project, full of enthusiasm and rewarding experiences” (St Albans Flyerz Volunteer)

“I really enjoyed the dribbling drill we did to help develop my control and then I tried to use it in the game” (Mellisa C, St Albans Flyerz Player)

“We were really grateful for the enthusiasm and willingness to integrate and help our wheelchair players to the game” (Oaklands College Springfield Support Team Member)

“It's great to see students with a huge range of disabilities all having the chance to be involved in sport which wouldn't be possible without the help of the volunteers who do such a great job with them” (Kirsty Armstrong, Sports Maker, Oaklands College)

“I love going to Flyerz, I like keepy uppies and my friends make me smile.” Rose.

“I like going to Flyerz to do all the fun games and matches.” Rufus.

“I look forward to Flyerz, I love all the drills and scoring goals. The people there make it really fun.” Edwyn.