Stamford AFC vs Peterborough Utd

Stamford AFC vs Peterborough Utd

By Stamford AFC
9 July
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Tickets now on SALE!

Please do read the current Covid protocols we have in place at Stamford AFC (see below). Once read and understood please use the following link (below) to purchase your tickets. We look forward to welcoming you all to the Zeeco Stadium.

To book tickets click here

Entry to the ground
You will still need to scan the NHS QR code displayed near the turnstile or give your contact details to the volunteer collecting them.
If there is a queue at the turnstile, please remember 1m social distancing.
Once you enter the ground, the rules about how many can stand or sit together have been relaxed.

Seated Stand
You can choose where you sit, and you can sit in groups up to six, but please remember the press seats and white seats are reserved.
If you sit on your own there must be a gap of one seat either side of you.
If you sit in a group, there must be a gap of one seat at both ends of the group.

You can stand anywhere and in groups up to a maximum of 30.
If in a group, or if you stand on your own, you must maintain a 1m social distance from people near you.

If you use the bar, it is exactly the same as the last time we had fixtures.
There is a one way system to enter and leave the bar. Entry is via the door at the end of the terrace. You must not enter the bar as usual through the bi fold glazed door.
You must wear a face mask before you enter the building and at any time you are not seated in the bar.
The bar has to have its own NHS QR code so you should scan that or enter your details in the book near the bar entrance.
Your order will be taken at your table and your drinks brought to you. You cannot stand in the bar.
Table service takes longer than serving at the bar and it will really help the bar staff serve everyone if you preorder your half time drinks using the forms on the tables. Drinks will be on your table at half time. If you haven’t ordered your half time drink, you can still order your drink at a table.
When you leave the bar, you should again wear a face mask and leave via the bifold glazed door.

Snack Bar
If there is a queue at the snack bar, please remember to maintain a 1m social distance.

All three sets of toilets are indoors so you must wear a face mask if you use any of the toilets.

19th July
Hopefully everything will be back to normal after the 19th July. Supporters can come and go and do everything they like to do on a match day, as they used to. And I can relax knowing I will not have to read through documents from the Government and the FA every time there is a change to the Covid protocols, then update risk assessments and our protocols.

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