Summer Draw

Summer Draw

By Richard Curtis
3rd September
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The grand draw for the Daniels Summer Draw has been announced. The three grand draw winners along with the 10 weekly prize winners are as follows:

The first prize went to Pete Wharam who won £500. The second prize was David Smith was wins £140 with Phil Harris collecting the third prize of £80.

Week 11st PrizeNo 119Alicia Drewnicki£50
2nd PrizeNo 93Colin Goff£25
Week 21st PrizeNo 79Stuart Chiverton£50
2nd PrizeNo 135Michael Rootham£25
Week 31st PrizeNo 10Mark Atkins£50
2nd PrizeNo 84Tony Lilley£25
Week 41st PrizeNo 66Peter Brothwell£50
2nd PrizeNo 74Anne Hewitt£25
Week 51st PrizeNo 8John Hibbitt£50
2nd PrizeNo 5Terry Rawlings£25
Week 61st PrizeNo 140Neil Williams£50
2nd PrizeNo 108Kevin Browne£25
Week 71st PrizeNo 149Cyril Hudson£50
2nd PrizeNo 13Dixie Sauntson£25
Week 81st PrizeNo 125Dickie Barwell£50
2nd PrizeNo 19Willie & Marian Ives£25
Week 91st PrizeNo 24Christine Selby£50
2nd PrizeNo 46B. Cornish & R.Meaney£25
Week 101st PrizeNo 45Chris Geeves£50
2nd PrizeNo 71Tracey Burrows£25

Many thanks to all who supported the Summer Draw, £1470 was made for Club funds.

To enter the clubs 200 club then please complete and return the attached form.


200 Club Application Form

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