Goldline Lottery

Goldline Lottery

St Helens Town Football Club has joined forces with Bolton Wanderers Football Club as a Goldline lottery partner.

We are looking for supporters, family and friends to become Goldline members which will provide the club with a valuable source of income which will help us to achieve a bright future by assisting us in our goal of making a return to St Helens. In addition, you will have the chance to win up to £5,000 . . . so we could all be winners!

As a lottery partner, St Helens Town Football Club will receive a massive 70p of your £1 weekly subscription. As a Goldline member you will receive your membership card which includes your membership number, 10 sets of Goldline draw numbers and 4 unique rollover draw numbers:

  • Your 10 sets of Goldline draw numbers will be entered into the Goldline draw every weekday for your chance of winning. Each week 5 prizes of £500 are paid out, that’s a total of £2,500 paid out every week.
  • Your 4 rollover draw numbers will be entered into the weekly draw for your chance of winning up to £5,000. The rollover draw starts at £250 and each week rolls over and increases by £250 until won or until it reaches £5,000 at which time it will be drawn and redrawn until a winner is found.
  • £100s in £10 consolation prizes are paid out every week.
  • Goldline pays out over £170,000 in prizes every year to members.
  • In addition your Goldline membership card will entitle you to exclusive deals available at St Helens Town Football Club.

No claim is necessary. Prizes will be sent automatically and either delivered by post or by your agent.

Club Chairman John McKiernan said, “Having joined forces with Bolton Wanderers in the Goldline Lottery we can ensure big cash prizes are dished out every week but the Club also wins too – with the possibility of raising thousands of pounds each year.

“In the current climate, this income through the Goldline Lottery will be crucial to the club. If people are able to give up £1 a week to enter then we think this is ta great way to support the club – but also give yourself a real chance of winning some cash too!”

For more information on how you can join call John on 07713 339 682 or email


St Helens Town Goldline Lottery