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1. St. Ives RUFC public access and lettings policy

St. Ives RUFC (“the Club”) is a limited company with a membership requirement.
The Club has facilities, being a Clubhouse with lounge facility, bar, kitchen and changing rooms and ten acres of grassed playing surfaces that are attractive to third parties, i.e. also non-members.
The Club’s primary aim is to ensure the continuing provision and enjoyment of rugby in St. Ives.
The Club will consider and/or prioritise any third-party requests for lettings in this light. Such requests are individually considered by the Club’s management committee, and agreements documented in the Club’s minutes, including any specific conditions communicated to and agreed with the hirer. Such conditions may include (though not exhaustively): hourly rate to be charged, deposit required, date, time. The current Hire Agreement is used to communicate and agree such terms with potential users (see Hire Agreement).
A pre-event meeting will be held with the Hirer to communicate and demonstrate the facilities including health and safety matters.
Hirers are covered by the Club’s public liability insurance but are expected to arrange their own insurance for anything beyond that.
The Club is not responsible for the provision of first aid facilities for the Hirer, who is expected to arrange their own as appropriate.
The Club reserves the right to decline requests for hiring any of the facilities.
St. Ives RUFC Management Committee.