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1. St. Ives RUFC (“The Club”) Sponsorship, Advertising and Communications Policy

Definitions used
'Sponsorship' - is an agreement between parties in which one party meets more, all or part of the costs of a Club project or activity, usually in exchange for potential commercial benefit.
'Advertising' – is a contract between the Club and a third party promoting the latter’s product (or service) to potential and current customers.
‘Communication” – is a message via any platform owned or managed by St. Ives RUFC including but not limited to the Clubhouse, pitchside, website, social media platforms.
As the Club membership grows and the Club becomes more attractive to individuals and companies, it is prudent to clarify the accepted uses of the Club’s media for members and contributing parties.
The Club recognises that some opportunities deemed “Sponsorship” are in fact “Advertising” and is attempting to differentiate between them to help Club members both encourage third party participation and avoid discontent or misunderstanding of anybody involved.
Should there be any ambiguity, members are requested to seek guidance and any necessary approvals from the Club’s management committee.
St. Ives RUFC Policy on Sponsorship
The Club welcomes and encourages individuals and companies to sponsor activities, projects, facilities and provision of resources. The Club regularly updates its Sponsorship Opportunities package and is also flexible and understands that individuals and companies will have their own ideas of how they might benefit through supporting the Club.
The Club endeavours to include Sponsors’ names, logos and where feasible a link to the Sponsors’ own website of choice on the St. Ives RUFC website and at the point of agreement in social and other media channels.
Further, in cases where donations are received, the Club will respect the choice of the donor whether to communicate that donation more widely, or not.
St. Ives RUFC Policy on Advertising
Advertising on such as external signage, pitch side boards, playing kits and other physical items on view at the Club is encouraged and subject to the approval of the Club Chairman. Note: many of these options are currently listed in “Sponsorship Opportunities” on the Club’s website.
The Club does not currently offer its membership to third parties as a marketing tool. Thus, advertising via the Club website or social media channels is not generally approved. It should also be noted that GDPR (aka data protection rules) forbid such advertising unless the Club receives individual approval to do so from all relevant members. The Club does not currently intend to seek such approvals.
St. Ives RUFC Policy on Communications
In addition to the Club website, the Club encourages the use of social media platforms (including, but not limited to, Facebook. Twitter, Instagram) to communicate with members.
Some groups are moderated (that is, content may only be added by page administrators), others are open to contribution from all in the group.
Whether open or moderated, the Club expects that all members will specifically respect the purpose of any such groups and not abuse the availability of such groups for personal or professional purposes that do not directly relate to the group intent.
Examples of groups and their purpose include:
St. Ives RFC, moderated on Facebook, visible to all: communicates Club news and events to the outside world. Designed to encourage followers and new members.
St. Ives Rugby - News and Events, private group on Facebook: Designed to inform and encourage participation in Club specific activities.
St. Ives RUFC coaching/playing stuff (seniors) on Facebook: “This one's for those who may actually cross the whitewash to represent the Bulls. News, information and your chance to feed back about coaching and playing matters.”
As abovementioned, should there be any ambiguity, members are requested to seek guidance and any necessary approvals from the Club’s management committee.

St. Ives RUFC management committee, October 2019