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2013 and a Great Start for St Ives Under 10’s

2013 and a Great Start for St Ives Under 10’s

By Andy Kirby
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When a team’s performance outshone great individual performances making for a faultless New Year start for the St Ives Under 10’s.

With impressive performances in the run up to Christmas, St Ives was the visitor at Peterborough RFC to meet both the Lions and Peterborough teams in a tri-club competition. The games were drawn and saw no break for St Ives who had to face two consecutive games.

Game One: Lions vs. St Ives

Facing the blue and white Lions first, the Lions started with confidence and expectation as both teams experienced questionable handling before St Ives made certain of their proven determination by way of James scoring the first try of the day (0:1).

The Lions came back strong, taking the game to the St Ives. What followed was an example of ‘team’, with a sequence starting with a driving maul off their own line from St Ives, a perfectly placed spinning pass to Charlie who ran a quarter of the pitch before passing to Francis who took the game the next quarter before executing a perfect pass to James to make his second try of the day. Great rugby!
With the Lions being equally matched in both size and determination however, they just came straight back to St Ives. Solid in defence, the St Ives defensive wall was solid.

The second half saw St Ives building further in confidence. A strong pack and good handling saw St Ives take the game to the Lions with James taking the break for his third (0:3). But the Lions were not taking this lying down, however St Ives tackling and strength in their pack held off the Lions. Francis then took the break before passing to Conner whose speed was unstoppable, making St Ives fourth. (0:4).
The Lions continued to attack in the final minutes, but despite them not losing one ounce of their determination, St Ives just delivered, demonstrating strength in defence as one unified team.

Result - Game 1: Lions 0 : St Ives 4. Team Coach Richard Rees awarded no man of the match, but instead awarded the entire St Ives Under 10’s ‘TEAM of the Match’.

First game to St Ives, and uncharacteristically, the very first time in the 2012/13 season when St Ives has won the first game of the day!

Also the first time ever all the way from under 7's that this squad have won without conceding a try.

Game 2: Peterborough vs. St Ives
The Peterborough team (in their red, yellow and white hoops), came out fresh and strong.

With great confidence from both the Peterborough players and supporters, it could be seen that this team was one with quality and expectation. But so it proved were St Ives, with Stan making a great run and his first try of the day (0:1).

Peterborough really began to show good rugby, persistent in their drive against what again proved to be outstanding defence from St Ives. The physicality of the game demonstrated determination from both teams and was reflected by stoppages for injuries. All good clean Rugby, with St Ives’ ‘defensive wall’ unbeaten as the half time whistle blew (0:1).
St Ives took the second half to Peterborough, playing as if the game was nil/nil and with no complacency. A weak pass saw Peterborough take advantage to make a strong attack. The pressure was on, but again the St Ives defence and team performance was outstanding; this was followed by a three-quarter pitch break by Conner taking St Ives two ahead (0:2).

Peterborough came back more determined than ever, and found their chance by way of a powerful run through the St Ives line, only to face the’ tackle of 2013 so far’ from the last man in defence, James.
As the game resumed, Peterborough won a penalty in the St Ives half, and made their break to score their first of the day (1:2).
The game ended with Peterborough showing every determination to level the scores, only to be faced by the St Ives defensive wall.
Result - Peterborough Vs St Ives 1:2. Men of the Match: Harry and Stanley

St Ives Competition Winners!

With two wins, St Ives won the day. Game 3 followed with Peterborough Vs. Lions to play for second and third place.

A perfect start for the St Ives Under 10’s. Both the Lions and Peterborough played well and for St Ives to perform at such a level against these two equally matched teams can only confirm that the St Ives Under 10’s has a promising team in the making.

With thanks to Peterborough for hosting a good mornings rugby, and to Alan Crough for keeping notes and writing up this report, I am always so involved I am never quite sure what the score is.

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