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Friday 4th - Monday 7th May

Compulsory Items:

  • Pack Badges - Brown Owl will give you these
  • Sash - to be worn at all times
  • Toadstool - to be placed outside your tent (as a group you must design and make this before Tour)
  • Brownies Prepared Pack:
    1. Needle & Cotton
    2. 50p
    3. Drinking Cup (hold hot & alcoholic drinks)
    4. Clean pair of underwear

What you need to bring:

  • Clothes, Make Up, Toiletries, Towel
  • Alcohol
  • Brownie Costume
  • Beach Wear
  • Number Ones
  • Tour Shirt
  • Initiation Outfit that you don't mind getting messy (Newbies only)
  • Rugby Kit
  • Camping Gear

Tour Itinerary


Leave in own time in groups to get down there to put up tents...yes tent!!!!

19.30pm - Virgin Auction and get pissed!!! Wearing tour tops.

20.00pm - Night out on the town - Poole.


08.30am Virgins meet at Hooners tent to await further instruction.

09.00am Breakfast

10.00am Meet and leave for beach

10.30am Beach time - games, badges for grabs and ice cream for all....

14.00pm Virgin entertainment

14.30pm Virgin initiation

17.15pm FA cup final at campsite bar (those wanting to watch must get ready before hand)

19.00pm Meet (Night Out – full Brownie Fancy Dress)
Virgin Auction, Games.....and get wasted night in Bournemouth!


08.30am breakfast.

9.30am Registration at Lychett sevens tournament and team challenge...

17.00pm Win competition, collect medals

18.30 Meet night out - Lychett club, kangaroo court and brownie initiations (wearing number ones)

NIGHT OUT if you can handle it....Including ‘Virgins Voice’ and kangaroo court.


11.00am Leave campsite (with everything)

12.30 Home Time.

15.00 Arrival at Club.

15.10 Pub????

Tour Snitch
On the last night of tour there will be a kangaroo court to punish players who have broken rules and have not acted in a manner fitting a brownie.
Hooner will be looking for evidence, if you see or hear anything or even better have pics please give it to her, prizes available.


You will be Tour Virgins for the entirety of the weekend. You must conduct yourselves in a manner suitable for "senior' manipulation. You must obey all orders or face dire consequences!

You will do as follows:

  • Partake in a Virgin Auction every night
  • Provide 30 minutes Virgin Entertainment
  • Complete Virgin Initiation
  • Compete in "the Virgin Voice'
  • Be up for all manner of fun and games

Tour Rules
  1. Have Fun
  2. Get Drunk
  3. Get even more drunk
  4. You MUST be on time; every minute you are late Tawny Owl will take care of you. If we are kept waiting more than 15 minutes we are leaving without you.
  5. You must have your Compulsory Items on you at all times. Failure to produce your items when asked will result in a forfeit.
  6. Brownies do not smoke - if your are caught by either brown owl/ tawnie owl or snitch on there will be a forfeit.
  7. Brownies never tell lies, if you are found out to be lying there will be a forfeit.
  8. Brown Owl, Tawny Owl and Sixers are in charge. Do as they say!
  9. When brown owl blows the whistle twice you must line up in your sixer and have your compulsory items ready for inspection.
  10. When brown owl blows the whistle and calls out a group name you must quickly grab the nearest person and perform that action. Forfeit for the worst one.

Below is a brief description of the badges that are up for grabs and a brief description if necessary......some are open to your interpretation. For most badges there are more than one available.

Virgin Only Badges

  • Speaker - this will be given based on a virgin’s ability to sell themselves on a night out.
  • Circus Performer - to virgins who shows exceptional agile skills.
  • Brownie Holiday - surviving tour and following the rules.
  • Brownie Holiday Advance - going above and beyond your duty.

Sixer Only Badges

  • Collector - in your sixer try and collect as many as a you can of certain item. Best collection wins.
  • Craft - given to the best toadstool.
  • Environment - the group that takes best care of their tent area.
  • Hostess - the brown owl will take it in turns to crash in each tent.

Other Badges

  • Bush Explorer
  • First Aider
  • Out and About
  • Entertainer
  • Disability Awareness
  • Road Safety
  • Drink Awareness
  • Rider
  • Dancer
  • Tea Maker
  • Swimmer
  • World Cultures
  • Cook Advanced
  • Crime Prevention
  • Snitch
  • Discovering Faith
  • Communicator
  • Finding Your Way
  • Fire Safety
  • Friend to Animals
  • Sports
  • Wildlife Explorer
  • Shit Stirrer
  • Craft
  • Tit of the Day
  • Book Lover
  • Master Tit
  • Hostess
  • Camper
  • Circus Performer
  • Agility

These packs are who you must live with and work with in order to gain rewards and BADGES.

Brown Owl:

  • Hooner

The Sixty Niners:
  • Lucy (Sixer)
  • Fran
  • Ruggers
  • Precious
  • Esther - virgin
  • Anya - virgin

The Reverse Cowgirls:
  • Bridget (Sixer)
  • Kaz
  • Kez
  • Jen - virgin
  • Lisa - virgin
  • Vicky - virgin

The Wheel Barrows:
  • Layla (Sixer)
  • Mac
  • Fido
  • Lindsey - virgin
  • Sarah - virgin

The Brownie Promise - all must know!
I promise that I will drink to my best:
To love my team,
To serve the Brown owl and my pack,
To stitch up other packs,
And to not throw up on the floor.

Selection of the Judge
I’m tour captain, i’m the judge

Selection of the Court Prosecutor
This will be decided before court and given to the person who is most sober and still able to string a sentence together.

Selection of the Jury
The jury will be selected before Kangaroo court to the most law abiding brownies.

Selection of the Clerk of the Court
As the Clerk is the member of the Court that will ensure the Punishment is dealt and carried out. The Clerk will also bring the defendants and witnesses to the floor. This job will go to the best virgin at the time.

Recording of Charges
Throughout the tour, members of the group will enter charges against their teammates by telling the judge/tour captain. It is also of benefit if those laying allegations are able to produce evidence.

Trial Proceedings
The Clerk of the Court will recite the case number, call the defendant(s) to the floor of the court, and state the case at hand. At this time the judge will ask the defendant how they plead to the stated charges. The prosecutor will then present the case and submit evidence to the court.

Defence of a Charge
It is, of course, only fair that a Club member accused of an act of misbehaviour be given an opportunity to offer a defence.

The Clerk will call for the decision of the jury, and will record the majority ruling (‘yea’ for guilty, or ‘nay’ for innocent). The judge can either uphold the decision of the jury, or overturn the decision. If a member of the Court engages in conduct unbecoming a member of the Bar of this Court, the Judge (with approval from the Jury) will take disciplinary action against this member.

If the accused is found guilty, the judge will then specify his/her sentence. This sentence must be immediately carried out.

Car Details

Lucy - Rugman - Mac
Lindsey - Cheese - Larsen
Fido - Anya - Kaz
Hooner -
Vicky -
Bridget -

Where next?

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