Club Rules
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1. Club Rules

1.The club shall be called ST. NEOTS HOCKEY CLUB.

2.The Club shall comprise Ladies, Men’s and Youth sections
The Club colours shall be
Shirts: Light Blue

Shorts/Skirts: Dark Blue

Socks: Light Blue with Dark Blue hoops

All members shall play in Club colours.

3.The sections shall play under the current rules of the appropriate Hockey Associations. Each section shall be affiliated to a County Hockey Association.

4.Two Committees shall be formed from the members:
The General Committee and The Playing Committee.

The General Committee of the Club shall comprise the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Men’s Fixture Secretary, Ladies Fixture Secretary, Club Captain, Commercial Officer and Youth Development Officer.
The General Committee shall be responsible for the management of the Club on behalf of the members. In particular it shall be responsible for:

◦Overall development objectives, and policy;
◦Financial management and control;
◦Ensuring that the club plays under the current rules of the appropriate Hockey Associations to which the club is affiliated; and
◦Disciplinary policy.

The Playing Committee of the Club will be chaired by the Club Captain and comprise of the Team Captains of all playing sides. The Club Captain shall not be a Team Captain.
The Playing Committee shall be responsible for the management of the playing objectives and policy of the Club on behalf of the members. In particular it will be responsible for:

◦Agreeing the playing strategy and objectives with the General Committee;
◦Training matters and arrangements;
◦Selection policy; and
◦Management of the disciplinary policy.
5.Both the General Committee and the Playing Committee shall have the power to co-opt.

6.Both Committees shall organise the business of its own meetings, subject to the overall control and direction of the General Committee.

7.The first meeting of both Committees shall be held before the 31st July of each playing season.

8.The General Committee shall have the power to form sub-committees.

9.The General Committee shall have powers to deal with all matters other than those mentioned in the rules.

10.A quorum of the General Committee shall be four and of the Playing Committee shall be five of their respective members.

11.An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held within four weeks of the official end of each season. One fifth of the total membership shall form a quorum. Members shall be given not less than seven days notice of the date of an AGM.

12.At the AGM all officers of the Club shall be elected. All Nominations must be Proposed and Seconded by a Club Member. In the event of more than one nomination for a post there will be a ‘show of hands’ to decide the winner. Only current Club members shall be eligible to vote. All committee positions shall be re-elected each year. The post of Honorary President shall be re-elected every three years.

13.No alterations shall be made to these rules except at the AGM or an Extra-ordinary General Meeting convened at the request of at least six members, in writing. The Secretary shall be given at least 14 days notice of such a meeting and the proposed alterations.

14.Members participating in matches shall pay a match fee as decided by the General Committee.

15.Annual subscriptions shall be decided at the AGM. Members whose subscriptions are in arrears shall not be selected to play. New players shall not be deemed to be Club members until they have participated in three matches at which time they will become eligible to pay the appropriate subscription.

16.If the conduct of any member be unsatisfactory the General Committee shall have the power to demand their resignation or take such disciplinary action as the Committee decides. The General Committee’s decision in such matters is final.

17.A copy of these rules shall be issued to every member of the Club.