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2. RFU CPD Courses

Please find a list of the Coaching Development Courses and prices. A minimum of 12 coaches are required for each of the courses. All the Courses in Yellow are booked and the RFU instructor will come to Stow. Full details have been placed on the South West RFU Coaching website to hopefully increase the numbers.

CoursesMonthPlaces availableDay Date
Rugby Ready Course £18Jan 201111Saturday8 /01/2011 Confirmed
Continuity in Attack £15Jan 20116Thurs27/01/2011Confirmed
Front row in Union £15Feb 20116Tue /Thurs08/02/2011
Maul and Ruck £15Feb 20116Thurs24/02/2011Confirmed
Defence in Phase Play £15Mar 20117Tue08/03/2011Confirmed


Si Frazer