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The Rugby Club was founded in 1879, when the railway was extended to Stow-on-the-Wold. It could possibly have been formed by the railway engineers who were based at Stow.
One tale that has been told about those days is that the local brewer, Mr Green, collected the team from the Square and transported them to the station in a horsedrawn brewer's dray and the team would then convey themselves to their away fixture on plate-layers wagons (trucks that were propelled by the passengers pulling and pushing a large lever). It is said that after the game the team would then "push and pull" themselves back to Stow, stopping at every village that had a convenient public house. Not much changes then.
Stow Rugby Club was a founder member of the Gloucester Rugby Union and moved to its present site in 1967. It was in 1984 that the a new Clubhouse was built and this was later extended and renovated in 1996 to provide the extensive facilities enjoyed by the Club today.
Hon. Life Members
Mrs M. Roberts, H. Roddan
I. Roberts, D. Oughton, N.P. Drury, P.J. Horrocks
Hon. Vice President
V.M. Murphy
Members for Life
T. Adcock, N. Alport, J. Milner, P. Bell, R. Milner,
P. Campbell, P. Morris, J. Collett, A. Newport, I. Croft, D. Oughton
H. Davies, M.J. Oughton, R. Davies, W.M. Oughton, N. Drury,
J. Peterkin,R. Finch, B Procter, M. Hanks, I. Roberts, Brig. M. Harris A. Sampson, D. Hathaway, M. Selway, A. Henson, P. Selway
C. Hill, G. Shaw, J. Horner, P. Shaw,M. Henderson, G. Sloggett,
S. Hood, J.E.B. Tippett, P. Horrocks,T. Tollerfield, M. Ireland, G. Townsend, A. Jones, S. Warby,P. King, I. Woodford, W. Lane,
J. Wright.
Vice Presidents
M. Adams S. Alvin R. Anderson J. Atherton T. Akingbehin Mrs E. Bayliss C. Beauvoisin M. Beckett D. Beddis D. Beston K. Biggs
H. Bolter K.E. Bowen C. Brittain-Jones Mrs J. Brown S. Browne
E. Bumford C. Burton J. Campbell G. Canning T. Carter
G. Chapman W. Cheston R. Cleverley I. Collett M. Collett
N. Le Corroller A. Cox R. Coyne M. Curtis R. Dancer J.W. Daniels
W. Davies W.G. Davies J. Daybell J. Disney H. Drury L. Drury
A. Dunbar G. Dunford P. Dunford B. Eddolls J. Essame J. Evans
M. Evans J. Ferriman Miss K. Fifield A. Firth P. Flood N. Forster
Mrs. D. French T. Gaden A. Glazebrook W. Geden P. Golding
E. Gordon C. Graham P. Grant-Hudson J. Gregory R. Griffin
R. Griffiths M. Gum S. Hallwood A. Hanks T. Harrison P. Hartnell
J. Henson R. Hepburn B. High Mrs E.A. Hill W. Hinton R. Hitchman
A. Holdsworth A. Holmes B. Honess J. Hooper G. Hope D. Hopkins
M. Hoyland P. Hufton A. Ingham J. Irving J. Jeffery R. Jeffries
C. Jennings M. Jennings B. Johnston R. Jones-Bateman G. Keeys
M. Kelly G. Kemptom S. Keswick C. Knowles B. Lacey S. Lambert
P. Lane P. Limbrey U.C. Llewellyn C. Loader G. Lobley N. Major
R. Markham G. Marrison K. McRobb D. Mills R. Mills D. Milne
K. Moore D. Morris T. Morris J. Neave M. Newberry S. Newsome
D. Nott P. Orchart M. Oughton J. Page B. Parker C. Parker
M. Pender R. Pickett P. Pickford N. Piercy D. Player W. Plewman
R. Plummer G. Price H. Price M. Price R. Price T.G. Proger
D. Pugh K. Pugh T. Redston M. Richardson I. Richens T. Risdale
J. Robbins E.C. Roberts K. Roberts D. Robinson I. Roddan
R.F. Rothery M. Royce J. Russ J. Russell B. Saunders A .Seager
J. Sharp P. Shelley P. Skea R. Slack J. Smith C. Smythe B. Sumner
N. Swabey D. Swiney K.J. Taylor A. Thompson Mrs J. Thornton
D. Tinton M. Tinton J. Tunbridge A. Vincent P. Van Aardt
Mrs J. Ward C. Watts P. Welch Mrs Westray R. Wharton
J. Whitney I. Wilkinson M. Wilkinson P. Winter N. Wise H. Wyman
J. Young R. Young