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3. IRB Law Clarification 2012 / 13

Link to IRB site for full details of law clarification affective 2012 / 13 season - IRB Clarification of Law amendments


Law 3 : Number of Players - The Team
3.4 Players nominated as substitutes

International teams permitted to nominate up to eight replacements

3.4 Players nominated as substitutes (Seven-a-side)

Sevens variation for replacements /substitutes - effective June 1 2012

Law 4 : Players' Clothing

GPS monitors may be worn

4.2 Special additional items for women

Female players allowed to wear tights

4.3 Studs

Specific sole configuration approved for trial

Law 6 : Match Officials

6.A.6 Referee consulting with others

Extension to the jurisdiction of the TMO

Law 9 : Method of Scoring

9.B.1 Taking a conversion kick

Conversions to be completed within 90 seconds of try

Law 12 : Knock-on or Throw forward

12.1 The outcome of a knock-on or throw forward

Quick throw-in after knock-on or throw forward

Law 16 : Ruck

16.7 Unsuccessful end to a ruck

Five seconds to play the ball from the back of the ruck

Law 19 : Touch and Lineout

19.2 Quick throw-in

Position of thrower at quick throw-in

Law 20 : Scrum

20.1 Forming a scrum

Changed scrum engagement sequence

Law 21 : Penalty and Free Kicks

21.4 Penalty and free kick options and requirements

Lineout alternative