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Hi 5 if you are OK

Hi 5 if you are OK

By Caz Farris
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This afternoon our Ladies should have been competing in their next tournament at Camp Hill RFC.

Two of our team were also preparing for a charity ride to Stratford's partner club in Paris, SCUF for the annual Rose Cup in aid of Refuge.

Domestic violence is an everyday occurrence for 1 in 4 women!!! During these Covid19 times calls to help lines have increased and the government has recognised this and put a priority status on this vulnerable group.

Our rugby team came up with a fab idea to check in on each other and give a 'hi 5' to make sure we are all ok!!!

Here we are supporting each other, supporting women’s rugby, supporting Stratford Rugby club and supporting all those women who need it and having a giggle at the same time?

If you want to support those effected by domestic violence please give £5 to Hi 5 (details below)


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