Who are Sussex Rangers?

Who are Sussex Rangers?

Sussex Rangers is a new football club hoping to bring the community together and allow children to play, learn and develop football skills in a safe, positive and encouraging environment.

Where did Sussex Rangers come from?
We based the new club on a World War airfield and its squadron.

RAF Tangmere was a Royal Air Force station located in Tangmere, England, famous for its role in the Battle of Britain. The famous Second World War aces Wing Commander Douglas Bader, and the then inexperienced Johnnie Johnson were stationed at Tangmere in 1941

The squadrons nickname (The Hurricanes) and the lion with the swords within the emblem gave us the foundation of our new club nickname and badge.

Why Sussex Rangers FC?
Football enables children to develop not just their physical ability but also helps their social skills, encourages good behaviour and shows them what teamwork can achieve. Sussex Rangers mission is to ensure that children are coached and mentored to the highest standard but also keeping the training fun and exciting.

Sussex Rangers accepts any player from the age of 4 up to 16 in the youth teams, regardless of experience and ability. Everyone is welcome at Sussex Rangers as we believe that everyone should have the same opportunities given to them.

We look forward to welcoming you at the club,

Sussex Rangers