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Accident & Emergency Procedure 2018

Accident & Emergency Procedure 2018

If any player is injured during training or a match, the age group first aider will be the first to assess the injury/incident. The first aider will normally handle such an incident after assessing the player and taking the necessary action that befits the situation.

Minor injuries will be dealt with and the player will probably be able to return to the field of play or training. Injuries that prevent the playing from continuing play/training will be re-assessed and treated within the clinical ability of the first aider.

A report will be made of the time of the injury, action taken, whether the player went home/hospital/referred to GP and whether Paramedical services were called.
Parents/Guardians/Relatives should be informed verbally and in writing.
The reports should be forwarded to the Club Secretary (or) Club Safeguarding Officer (or) Mini & Youth Chairperson (or) Club Chairperson.

If the injury is beyond the capability of the First aider they must call 999.

All coaches and team managers should have access to a Mobile Telephone at all times. (In the case of Junior/Youth teams playing away from Swanage & Wareham RFC the team first aider will first assess and then call for paramedic assistance by dialling 999).

If the injured player needs hospitalisation 999 should be called for paramedic services to attend and transport the player to Hospital. Any player detained overnight needs to be reported to the Club Secretary & Treasurer so that the appropriate report to the RFU can be made.

Should any player, spectator, Volunteer or Coach be taken to hospital then either the M&Y or Club Chairman must be informed as reasonably possible.

In some instances there may be an incident when a spectator is taken ill or collapses. A first aider who is on site will be the first point of contact. If the situation needs paramedical support then 999 must be called for assistance and possible removal of the patient to hospital.

Official document can be found on the link below.