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How to find your Tadley Rugby Club Membership information:

  • Log into the Tadley Rugby club website:

  1. Go to: Tadley Rugby Club
  2. Login: using your email address & password

  • Go to Your account

  1. Click "Your name" > Your account in top right-hand corner
  2. Click Your account
  3. Click Tadley Rugby Club, if you are a member of more than one club

You are taken through to your membership page where you have 4 options, in addition to your photo (these are on the top bar on a computer screen and on the bottom bar on your mobile):
OVERVIEW (head) – gives you a link to your MEMBERSHIP INFO, shows you which roles you have and some quick links

MESSAGES (chat) – displays all the messages from the club & members

SCHEDULE (calendar) – shows you games, training and events and asks you to set your availability for the dates. You can also add a note.

PAYMENTS (trolley) – shows you a list of your Purchase History with the club.