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By Sacha Jackson
14 June 2020
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A Team with a Vision will move mountains!

Dear members, players and fellow volunteers,

With current lockdown restrictions still in place and new guidelines for the return to rugby, The committee and some members are working hard to make the club ready for the new season, however and in whatever format that may be but, we to have our own personal commitments to deal with as well. As a community club we need you help and support, as members, in undertaking the various work needed to get the club house and grounds ready for next season.

Without member support/help we will not be able to reach our key targets in terms of the club and pitch maintenance, which means your grounds and clubhouse will not be as fully functional as it can be when the season starts.

We are all currently still in lockdown and some of us are unfortunately furloughed. We would hope to turn this personal down time into something that would be positive for both you and the club by you taking sometime to come down and help do those jobs that must be done.

Below is a non-exhaustive list that needs immediate attention by members:

  • Assistance to Andy Meek & Dennis Tucker in replacing the rabbit fencing
  • Strimming and clean area around car park and stand
  • Painting internal club house
  • Paint & repair of side above awning
  • Filling in of rabbit holes on pitches
  • Clearing out and tidying of equipment cabins
  • Numerous electrical items, ideally for a member who is an electrician
  • Construction of a much needed shed or lean to for the mower and other equipment
  • Deep clean of Kitchen
  • A key issue for us is the irrigation of the pitches during the summer. Currently we have access to the machinery to do this but no access to the required volume of water. If any members know of somewhere or of someone that can provide a water source, such as a gravel pit. Please let Glenn Charles know as soon as possible.

These are all necessary on going maintenance requirements for the club, that are being done by too few at the moment. We have always been a community club. We now need our community to step up and help the club keep its status quo and indeed keep moving forward.

Members with unique trades and skill sets ( electricians, plumbers, landscapers etc) and those who just want to pitch in and help if you are able to spare sometime or are on furlough now’s your chance to step up!

We cannot emphasis enough that we rely on you as members to support the community ethos of the club, as with out it the club will not exist.

Please contact:
Glenn Charles 07436 563 862
Dennis Tucker 07979 503 606
Andy Meek 07861 494 786
Vicky Cooper 07734 453 084

Yours in Rugby,
Glenn Charles

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