Club Hire

Club Hire

Hire Of club

The club can accommodate 120 people comfortably. There are 6 x 6' round tables and 60 chairs, 12 poser tables and 16 bar stools.

The club does not provide food or discos, but can recommend local businesses that the club has used in the past.

£50 deposit will be required 14 days after club booking has been acknowledged.

Club members:

Non-Club members:

Other Conditions:
The club will generally not be hired out on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays during the playing season. However please ask to see if there are any dates that are free.

Sunday hire will depend on Junior, Girls, Ladies and Colts games and training – please ask

Those hiring the club need to be made aware that club members cannot be asked to leave the premises or be charged, while a private or fund raising event is taking place.
However, Legislation and Guidance for bar Oct 2010, will be applicable.

To enquire about hiring the club contact Neil Thomas on or on 07889 221078