The Mote CC 163 Challenge

The Mote CC 163 Challenge

By Lewis Bone
28 May 2020
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One aspect of our Vision for The Mote in 2025 is to have excellent practice facilities.

One aspect of our Vision for The Mote in 2025 is to have excellent practice facilities. With this in mind, we have set a target:

To raise £40,000 to invest in new all-weather cricket nets at The Mote.

To kick start our fund raising, we have a few events planned in the upcoming weeks, including a quiz night (date to be announced shortly) and our Mote 163 Challenge, to engage the whole club in activities and fundraising together (but remotely!). Go to our website for more details

The Mote CC 163 Challenge

As many of you will know The Mote CC was formed in 1857, so is 163 years old this year! As such we have decided to run an event during the first weekend of July, whereby:
- groups (members and/or non-members) of up to 16 people aim to cycle, run or walk a total of 163km during the weekend.

For younger colts we have two suggestions:
- to perform 163 keepy-uppies with a bat and ball, or
- to throw and catch a ball 163 times

If you prefer to raise sponsorship monies by doing 163 repetitions of some other activity this is also fine by us – we just want you to get involved!

Due to lockdown rules, it is expected that all activities will take place off site. However, if there is an easing of the lockdown by then, we may invite some groups to perform at The Mote CC if they would like to do so.

There is no formal entry fee, but it is asked that all groups make donations (using gift aid where appropriate) and obtain sponsorship. We will be using a website to collect all such contributions.

We understand everyone has been affected differently by the COVID-19 pandemic, but if you are able to, please consider how much money you have saved in 2020 through not being able to play cricket (annual subscriptions, as well as match fees) – if members manage to find a way to contribute a similar amount and also find some additional sponsors, we could make a fantastic first step towards having these excellent new training facilities!

What next?

Groups of up to 16 people can be formed of members alone, or perhaps you want to group together with family or friends who are not members of the club? If you are one of our many former players and friends from the past but now live too far away from Maidstone, maybe you would like to organise a reMote group? The main purpose is to engage all fellow Motesters in a challenge during these non-cricketing times, whilst raising much needed funds for the club.

We will also be partnering with a local charity, to which we will pass 10% of total funds raised. We would like to choose a Maidstone based charity that is close to Mote members’ hearts – in case you have suggestions, please let us know as soon as possible, as we will make a decision on this in the next week.

Further communications will follow, but please be in touch with any questions – either via social media or on email to Committee members , or

For now, please start forming your groups and begin some training, if needed!

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