Club Shop - get your club kit here.

The club uses Masuri as the club kit supplier. The link is:
Masuri Shop
Please read the following information regarding what you wish to order. Especially regarding the shirts.

1. Playing Shirts

These will be custom made as per now. There will be 4 order windows per season with delivery to a specified club address for these to be handed out. All adult shirts are to be ordered with a number for that player. If you are replacing a senior shirt then use the same number. If this is a first order for a senior team shirt then contact Mike Rushmere at for your number. Ask in good time please.

The order windows are

Window 1 From 1st July to 22nd July delivery by 29th Aug

Window 2 From 31st Aug to 22nd Sept delivery by 1st Nov

Window 3 From 19th Oct to 10th Nov Delivery by 19th Dec

Window 4 From 25th Jan 2020 to 16th Feb 2020 delivery by 26th March 2020
The link for shirt orders is: Shirts order window link

2. Kit Website

This has been upgraded. Shirts will only appear on here during order windows(see above).

3. General Kit

This can be ordered at any time, all online with delivery direct to customer. Quoted timescale is 5-7 day lead time.

4. THC Hoodie

"Thirsk Hockey Club" is in "yellow/gold" on the back of the hoodie.

5. Socks

THC are holding some socks to store at club and sell. This is because they are the most common one off item. These will be sold at same price as online.

6. Delivery Charge

This will be £5.95 on all orders - regardless of how many items / how big etc.