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Euros 2021 Football Competition

Euros 2021 Football Competition

By Tim Lamb
9 June
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Your chance to win cash prizes

Here is a very easy and fun way of predicting the results for this years Euros giving you the opportunity to win a cash prize ..... The more people that enter the bigger the prize. We will also raise some money for the club. Entry is £10, just go to the Other section in the shop and select the Euros competition. You will need to add your email address so we can send you the form to complete. The first game is on the 11th June but all entries must be made by the 14th June.

You will need to make the following predictions and there are 50 points in total up for grabs.

1st Place – 50% of the pot
2nd Place – 20% of the pot

Group A Winner – (2 points) -
Group B Winner – (2 points) -
Group C Winner – (2 points) -
Group D Winner – (2 points) -
Group E Winner – (2 points) -
Group F Winner – (2 points) -
4 Semi Finalists – (3 points each) -
Runner up – (6 points) -
Winner – (8 points) -
Golden Boot – (6 points) -
When will England get sent home – (6 points) -

Please get your predictions in by the 14th June.

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