Ivan Adkin catches a screamer
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2. Ivan Adkin catches a screamer

On the Thrumpton Cricket Club 2001 tour to Bellingham the team found that due to sickness or more likely due to hangovers they could only muster 10 fit and able players. With the start of the game getting ever closer they managed to talk Ivan Adkin into playing.

Ex Club Secretary Ivan had retired from the game and the team in desperation managed to scramble enough kit together to get him back out on the field. Throughout his playing career Ivan had always managed to field at Mid On both ends as far away from the bat as possible.

His catching statistics would probably be in the 60/40 category. Some he would catch and the odd ones he would drop. To say the odd drop would be like a flapping sea lion is an an understatement

Its a mystery to this day how he finished up positioned at 1st slip and its a bigger mystery that when the ball came hurling with force towards him he caught an unbelievable catch.

Rumour has it he was not wearing a box. Maybe that had something to do with it.