About the History of the Thrumpton Cricket Club
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1. About the History of the Thrumpton Cricket Club

This section of the website is about the history of Thrumpton Cricket Club. The first recorded game is in 1867 and the club is now in its 144th year. At the moment the material for the early years is very hard to obtain. As bits and pieces come in this section will be re-edited.

As it is when reading the different sections you might think the stories a little far fetched. They are completely true and thanks go to the older members of the club for their memories. It takes a little bit of time to get the odd snippet from them as Alzheimers has kicked in and their response a little slow.

Give them a lager shandy and a bag of crisps and they seem to get their memories back, that is until they are ready for a refill. They will tell you how they deserve to be in a section of Thrumpton legends, others think it should be leg ends.

Thanks to ex Chairman Ron Priestley, ex Secretary Ivan Adkin and ex player Harry Pick for the early days. Hopefully there will be more stories to come