Dec 31 Thrumpton cap does a runner
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1. Dec 31 Thrumpton cap does a runner

An anonymous e mail arrived today to the website.It reads

"Burnsys door being slightly ajar was all the invitation I needed to make the break for it"

"As I lay there in a box of fellow Badger caps at Paul Burns house I started thinking ...........there must be more to it than this.

I'd heard all the old stories, the ones about how I could be destined for a life sat on John Richardsons head as he sweats his way through another two over spell, or even worse, spending Monday to Friday in the bottom of Sammos bag with his socks and jock strap that were last washed using a dolly tub and mangle.

So as Burnsy lay there in a drunken sleep over the New Year I decided to run for it and show just what a cap can achieve.

Where am I going? ....who knows but I will send an update when I can and try and be an inspiration to Thrumpton caps both young and old!!!

Happy New Year and heres to the open road.............

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