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8. 1886

1886 Team Averages

The team played just 9 games, winning 7 of them, drawing 1 and losing 1

The drawn game was a home tie against Smith bros, although no scores are recorded.

June 5th saw Thrumpton play at home to local rivals Kingston Cricket Club. The report from the July edition of the deanery magazine states,

The Kingston team were not able to stand against the bowling of J Shaw and A Whitby, J Shaw taking 6 wickets for 5 runs.
The batting of J Whitby and A Whitby was very good.
Thrumpton 95 Kingston 21

In a game played in July Thrumpton beat Midlands Railway Works, Toton Sidings by 4 runs.

July 17th saw the return fixture against Kingston cc
Kingston cc 58 Thrumpton 74


  • B Redfern 16 over 1
  • J Shaw 11 over 1
  • J Oliver 8 over 0
  • J North 8 over 0
  • T Moss 7 over 3
  • E Whitby 6 over 5
  • J Whitby 6 over 4
  • A Whitby 5 over 2
  • J Hill 5 over 0
  • W Wilkinson 5 over 0
  • I Priestley 4 over 5
  • W Jones 4 over 1
  • G Whitby 1 over 2
  • G Holmes 1 over 0


G Holmes has done some good work with the ball, also has J Shaw, A Whitby and T Moss. The bowling has been good all season.

D?ThrumptonSmith bros
W5-Jun 1886Thrumpton95Kingston21J Shaw 6-5
W4 July 1886Thrumpton (won by 4 runs)Midlands Railway Toton Sidings
W17 July 1886Kingston58Thrumpton74
W11 Sep 1886Thrumpton70Rev P Douglas XI38 & 13Scorecard


Sep 11th 1886 Thrumpton v Rev P Douglas XI played at Thrumpton

Rev P Douglas XI
1st Inns2nd Inns
Mr AP Douglasct J Priestleyb A Whitby4b G Holmes0
Mr B Douglasb A Whitby4b G Holmes1
Mr J Douglasct Mr W Jonesb G Holmes3b A Whitby4
J Husbandsct Mr W Jonesb T Moss13runout3
Mr R Douglasb G Holmes0notout0
Mr C Byronb J Shaw3b G Holmes0
T Garnerct B RedfernbT Moss2b G Holmes0
Mr W Geddesb T Moss0b G Holmes2
W Shawnotout2b A Whitby2
C Thorneb T Moss0b A Whitby0
Rev P Douglasb J Shaw0b G Holmes0
A Whitbyb Mr AP Douglas4
J Priestleyb Mr J Douglas4
J Whitbyct J Husbandsb Mr J Douglas1
T Mossrunout0
Mr W Jonesb Mr J Douglas2
J Shawb Mr AP Douglas22
Mr B Redfernnotout23
G Whitbyrunout0
G Holmes b Mr J Douglas2
F Hodgkinsonb Mr J Douglas0
W Redfernst AP Douglasb Mr J Douglas0