Thrumpton 1970-79 1 of 10

1. 1970

Officials for 1970

Club President Hon. Mr G Seymour

Vice Presidents Mr & Mrs F Towers Mr J Smith Mr F Priestley Mr R Horobin Mr A Small Mr S Shaw Mrs S Shaw Mr C Brooks Mr J Clarke

Saturday Captain Mr R Pick

Sunday Captain Mr G Shaw

Vice Captain Mr R Priestley

League Secretary Mr R Priestley

Secretary Mr E Chettle

Treasurer Mr S Shaw

Committee Mr R Pick Mr G Shaw Mr R Priestley Mr D Church Mr N Shaw Mr W Pepper

Groundsman Mr B Shaw

Umpires Mr J Smith Mr A Pepper Mr C Shaw Mr E Chettle

Scorer Mrs L Pick



Batting Mr R Pick

Bowling Mr G Shaw (Over 100 wickets)

Catches Mr H Pick


A general meeting was held in the village hall on October 21st in the presence of 19 members. The meeting opened with the reading by the Secretary of the last general meeting.

Profits for the club were unable to be shown as the club were still in debt. Income was shown around the room, also expenses by the T. At this stage the Treasurer then read his accounts.reasurer as none are taken by the Secretary. The Treasurer was then asked to read the details of the past season.

The averages were then read, Mr R Pick headed the batting and Mr G Shaw the bowling. Catching was won by Mr H Pick.

Arrangements were then made to run Whist Drives during the winter months. A discussion regarding Insurance of the pavilion, equipment and players was left for Mr S Shaw to attend to.

Owing to the club making quite a nice amount of money, it was decided to pay off the debt owing the National Playing fields.. The date for the Annual Cricket Dinner was fixed for February 1st and arranged by David Church, Neil and Tony Shaw.

Day matches for the club were arranged to commence at 2pm Saturdays and 2.30pm for Sundays. It was passed at the meeting to give an award for the top player of batting, bowling and catches.

A vote of thanks were given for the scorer of the club Mrs L Pick and to the Club President for his attendance. Finally Mr G Shaw took over 100 wickets for the club, during the season, a feat as far as our records are known has only been achieved once before.


Nottingham Evening League Division 2

Newcastle Select121021454
Old Paviours121021353
Lady Bay12571030
Guy Birkin1257626
Trent Concrete12210412
Press Casuals1211104

Nottingham Evening League Division 2 Fixtures & Results (All Results marked SC have full scorecard below)

WMay-18Old PaviorsThrumpton
WMay-25Lady BayThrumpton
WJun-02Thrumpton93-6A Butler 33noGuy Birkin92
WJun-10Thrumpton136-8Press Casuals63
LJun-17Thrumpton101R Pick 34Newcastle Select113-9
WJun-24ThrumptonTrent Concrete
WJul-09Thrumpton78-6Old Paviours77-8
WJul-18Trent Concrete30H Pick 5-11Thrumpton31-5
WJul-21Guy Birkin73-9Thrumpton74-6
WAug-04Press CasualsThrumpton
LAug-11Lady Bay103-7Thrumpton85-9
LAug-18Thrumpton106-10Newcastle Select107-2

Nottingham Evening League Knockout Cup (All Results marked SC have full scorecard below)

WMay-02Lake StreetThrumpton
WMay-23Thrumpton75Trent Concrete37B Richardson 5-8
LJun-14Newcastle Select141-7Thrumpton137


Saturday Captain Mr R Pick

WMay-23Thrumpton164-9H Pick 39Wilsons118H Pick 3-28Scorecard
WMay-30ThrumptonOld West Bridgfordians
WJun-06Erewash ValleyThrumpton
Jun-20ThrumptonSt Margarets
Jul-04ThrumptonShepshed Meths
Jul-11Inham NookThrumpton
Jul-18Old West BridgfordiansThrumpton
Jul-25ThrumptonErewash Valley
Aug-01ThrumptonInham Nook
LAug-15Wilsons107-7H Pick 4-44Thrumpton103N Shaw 31Scorecard
Aug-22Shepshed MethsThrumpton
Aug-29St MargaretsThrumpton
Aug-31ThrumptonAlbert Hall Meths
Sep-12ThrumptonAlbert Hall Meths
Sep-19ThrumptonLake St

Sunday Captain Mr G Shaw

LMay-17Hoveringham 1st InnsThrumpton
WMay-17Hoveringham 2nd InnsThrumpton
LJun-07ThrumptonNew Eaton
Jun-14Nottm CollegeThrumpton
Jun-21ThrumptonDakeyne St
Jul-05Dakeyne StThrumpton
Jul-12New EatonThrumpton
Jul-19ThrumptonQueens Bower
Jul-26ThrumptonSeymours XI
LAug-16Clifton117R Pick 5-55Thrumpton82R Priestley 28Scorecard
Aug-30Nottm NewspapersThrumpton
Sep-13ThrumptonWoodhouse Old Boys
WSep-20Thrumpton132R Kempster 51Clifton108G Shaw 3-13Scorecard


23rd May 1970 Thrumpton v Wilsons Thrumpton won by 46 runs

A ButlerBowledJ Hayes9M LeahyBowledH Pick11
R PriestleyBowledP Freeman2R KnightsBowledH Pick17
H HarrisonBowledJ Hayes23K WhiteLBWBowledR Priestley15
R PickCt K WhiteBowledR Knights25I FretwellCt T JohnsonBowledH Pick1
T JohnsonBowledJ Hayes0A WeatherallBowledR Chettle3
W PepperCt I FretwellBowledR Knights26P FreemanCt B DaleBowledA Butler40
H PickLBWBowledJ Hayes38J HayesCtBowledA Butler12
R ChettleBowledJ Hayes10A RichardsonNotOut6
B DaleNotOut12S LeahyCt andBowledA Butler6
B HolmesSt A RichardsonBowledK White2D JohnsonBowledR Pick0
J MarlowNotOut11B WhiteCtBowledH Harrison0
J Hayes14-3-45-5H Pick11-2-28-2
P Freeman4-1-21-1R Chettle11-1-23-1
I Fretwell9-1-36-0R Priestley7-0-25-1
R Knights5-0-38-2A Butler7-0-31-3
K White6-1-18-1 R Pick1-0-1-1
H Harrison1-0-1-1


15th August 1970 Wilsons v Thrumpton Wilsons won by 3 wickets

Played at Highfields

N ShawRunOut31M LeahyCt W PepperBowledH Pick15
D ChurchBowledJ Hayes1S LeahyBowledG Shaw5
R ChettleBowledP Freeman14D JohnsonBowledH Pick0
R PickCt B SharpeBowledJ Hayes6P FreemanCt andBowledR Pick43
. LancashireNotOut24E KirkRunOut7
. MarlowBowledP Freeman0J HayesBowledH Pick7
G ShawBowledP Freeman1A RichardsonNotOut9
H PickCt E KirkBowledI Fretwell9I FretwellBowledH Pick7
W PepperCt A RichardsonBowledB Sharpe5. Weatherall
. DickersonBowledI Fretwell5K WhiteNotOut6
S PepperBowledI Fretwell0B Sharpe
J Hayes11-3-42-2H Pick18-8-44-4
P Freeman10-1-24-3G Shaw10.4-2-36-1
B Sharpe5-1-15-1R Chettle1-0-9-0
I Fretwell4.4-0-15-3R Pick6-3-9-1


16th August 1970 Clifton v Thrumpton Clifton won by 35 runs

Played at Clifton

R Greenct R Chettleb R Pick17A Butlerct N Wheldonb L Pervin14
H Elliottb R Pick0D Churchb D Kemp6
J Deavesct D Churchb R Pick13R PriestleyLBWb N Wheldon28
K Thorpeb A Butler1R PickRun Out 12
L Pervinb R Priestley37R Chettleb N Wheldon9
D Kempb R Pick0G Shawb D Kemp1
G Goodallct A Butlerb R Pick24W Pepperb D Kemp2
M Flynnct and bowledb R Priestley5J Marlowct J Deavesb D Kemp7
D FowkesNot Out1T Shawst R Greenb N Wheldon0
D Scarlettb R Priestley3P Dickinsonct H Elliottb N Wheldon0
N Wheldonb R Priestley0S PepperNot Out2
G Shaw 9-2-17-0L Pervin12-5-21-1
R Pick13-0-55-5D Kemp17-7-38-4
A Butler 7-2-17-1N Wheldon 7.3-1-18-4
R Priestley 6-1 17-4D Scarlett 2-0-4-0


20th Sep 1970 Thrumpton v Clifton Thrumpton won by 24 runs

A Butler b D Kemp30R Fowkes b H Pick0
R PriestleyLBWb H Elliott15C PowdrillLBWb H Pick0
D Church b H Elliott5K Thorpect N Shawb H Pick5
N Shawb D Kemp11H ElliottRun Out 18
R Pickb K Thorpe6J Deavesct A Holmesb G Shaw15
R Kempsterct F Elliottb M Flynn51B Phillipsct N Shawb A Butler50
G Shawst F Elliottb B Phillips5D Kempb G Shaw5
J Marlow b R Fowkes5F Elliottct N Shawb G Shaw0
H Pick b R Fowkes1R PashleyNot Out 7
A HolmesNot Out 0D ScarlettNot Out 0
S Pepperb M Flynn0M Flynndnb
R Fowkes 9-2-13-2H Pick10-3-19-3
B Phillips10-5-28-1R Kempster 1-0-6-0
D Kemp10-2-23-2R Pick 6-2-9-0
H Elliott 4-0-27-2A Butler 8-1-32-1
K Thorpe 6-1-32-1G Shaw 8-1-13-3
M Flynn1.3-0-6-2R Priestley 4-1-7-0
D Church 1-0-9-0