Thrumpton 1990-99 1 of 10

1. 1990

Officials for the 1990 season

President Mr G Seymour

Treasurer Mr W Pepper

General Secretary Mrs M Shaw

Fixture Secretary Mr R Priestley

Social Committee Mr M Priestley Mr L Selby Mr G Wood

Vice Presidents Mr R Vaulkard Mrs M Shaw Mrs M Small Mr J Smith Mr T Rix

Mr J Greenshields

Saturday Captain Mr T Vennett Smith

Saturday Vice Captain Mr A Footitt

Sunday Captain Mr M Priestley

Sunday Vice Captain Mr L Selby

Committee Mr W Pepper Mrs M Shaw Mr R Priestley Mr M Priestley Mr T Vennett Smith

Mr A Footitt Mr L Selby

Umpires Mr R Priestley Mr W Pepper

Scorer Mr D Selby



Played 43 Won 23 Lost 19 Drawn 1


Clubman of the Year Andy Footitt

Players Player Bill Litchfield

Batsman of the Year Bill Litchfield

Bowler of the Year Harry Pick

Fielder of the Year Dave Proverbs

Catches John Dewsbury


The Annual General Meeting was held at Thrumpton Hall on Friday November 16th 1990. The chair was taken by the President Mr G Seymour. Apologies were received from Geoff Shaw, Peter Carey and Chris Overton. The minutes of the last meeting were read out and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.

Andy Footitt read out a detailed Annual report and a copy was circulated to each member of the club.

The Accounts for the year showed that the income was $2554.00p and that the expenditure was £2339.18p and the Account balance was £214.84p. The club has no outstanding bills to pay. At the time of the meeting Mark Priestley had $16.50p match subs to hand in. Mr Seymour congratulated the club for pulling through financially.

It was decided that 5 Junior members would go for coaching before the beginning of the next season.

The Fixture Secretary Ron Priestley with the help of Mark Priestley had compiled the averages.

BATTING: Bill Litchfield
BOWLING: Harry Pick
FIELDING: Dave Proverbs
CATCHING: John Dewsbury

During the 1989 season we played 43 games Won 19 Lost 23 and Drew 1. Thanks were extended to Ron and Mark for the tedious task of working out the averages.

John Dewsbury won the Wicketkeeping award for Division 3.

Trevor Vennett Smith gave a report on the Village League side and said that the batting was weak and more dedication was needed. The match of the season was the game played against Caunton which ended in a draw. Mark Priestley gave thanks to all the Umpires who had given their services during the season.

The election of Officers were

The President Mr G Seymour Vice Presidents to be elected en bloc Chairman Andy Footitt Secretary Mrs M Shaw Treasurer Mr W Pepper Fixture Secretary Mr R Priestley Sat Captain Mr T Vennett Smith Sun Captain Mr I Adkin Sat Vice Capt Mr A Footitt Sun Vice Capt Mr D Proverbs Umpires Mr R Priestley and Mr W Pepper

The Committee to consist of Chairman, Secretary, Fixture Secretary, TreasurerSat Capt, Sun Capt and two elected members Mark Priestley and Lol Selby.

Life Members Geoff Shaw, Bob Pick and Ron Priestley

The Social Committee has been abandoned.

A vote of thanks was given to Chris Overton for helping out at the nets. The Practice nets would be again held at Wilford at the same time as last year.

The Cricket Presentation dinner will be arranged for Wednesday February 20th 1991 at the Wolds hotel in West Bridgford.

A vote was taken for Clubman of the Year and Players Player. Clubman of the Year was Andy Footitt and Players Player was Bill Litchfield.

The meeting ended at 8.45pm


South Notts Village Cricket League Division 3

Captain Trevor Vennett Smith

Division 3 Village League Wicketkeeper of the Year John Dewsbury

Keyworth 2nd XI1871100134
Caythorpe 3rd XI1851111123
South Muskham & LC1851201123

Thrumpton League Fixtures & Results(All games marked Sc have a full scorecard online)

WMay-12Thrumpton130-2C Overton 45noSouth Muskham128
LMay-26Thrumpton186Caythorpe 3rd XI189-9S Pick 4-34
WJun-02Farndon109S Pick 5-25Thrumpton110-4
LJun-23Keyworth 2nd XI160-6Thrumpton158-7J Dewsbury 68
WJul-14South Muskham185-9Thrumpton186-7W Litchfield 75
C Overton 57
LJul-28Caythorpe 3rd XI155-8Thrumpton154-9
WAug-04Thrumpton200-6W Litchfield 70Farndon241-8
LAug-11Thrumpton157A Footitt 50Sawley174-8
TAug-18Caunton152-9Thrumpton152-9M Priestley 76
LAug-25Thrumpton121Keyworth 2nd XI160
WSep-01Thrumpton208W Litchfield 72Woodborough108
J Dewsbury 71

Sunday Friendly Fixtures & Results(All games marked Sc have a full scorecard online)

Captain Mark Priestley

Apr-22Practice Match
Apr-29City Hospital Thrumpton
May-06Brush Thrumpton
LMay-13Wilsons131-1Thrumpton127-8D Proverbs 30Sc
LMay-20Clifton160-6D Proverbs 3-59Thrumpton149-5A Footitt 78Sc
May-27ThrumptonThurrock Sports
Jun-10ThrumptonPresidents XI
Jun-24ThrumptonInland Revenue
Jul-08Barrow TownThrumpton
LJul-22Thrumpton204-5R Smithson 104*Clifton253-8S Pepper 3-63Sc
S Pepper 50
Jul-29Sutton on the HillThrumpton
Aug-05ThrumptonCentral TV
Aug-27ThrumptonLong Eaton
Sep-09ThrumptonCity Hospital
LSep-16Thrumpton221-7A Footitt 105*Wilsons241-2Sc