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A view from the sideline 8.5.19

By TLC Admin

The very personal views of David Shuttleworth included in this post belong to the author and do not necessarily mirror the views & opinions of TLC

The climax of the season is the Flags Final Weekend and once again Rochdale LC did not disappoint putting on an excellent advertisement for the game. Despite poor weather on the Saturday the event produced some top class Lacrosse and some close and competitive games.
When I was more involved we always liked to see a wide spread of clubs with teams reaching the finals of their respective competitions.
This year Timperley had only two of our teams, the U16 Boys and the U12 Boys playing. Hopefully there will be more next year.
Club representation was;
Cheadle 4 teams, Mellor 4 teams, Rochdale 3 teams, Heaton Mersey 2 teams, Poynton 2 teams, Timperley 2 teams , Wilmslow 2 teams, Brooklands 1 team, Leeds 1 team, Stockport 1 team
This seems to me a fairly good spread and I was a little relieved to note that only 2 combination teams made it to the big show with Norbury/Cheadle (in my view the worst offenders) beating a good Heaton Mersey side and Cheadle Hulme/Norbury who got a pasting from Mellor in the U12 Plate.

Sat 27th April
U12 Plate Cheadle Hulme/ Norbury 6-Mellor 17
U16 Plate Poynton 6-Timperley 8
U14 Centurion Trophy Stockport 8-Cheadle 9
Nigel Wayne Trophy Brooklands XA 6-Heaton MerseyB 11
David Beesley Cup Rochdale A 11-Wilmslow A 3
Junior Flags Cheadle A 15-Mellor A 7

Sun 28th April
U14 Plate Mellor 19-Rochdale 2
U12 Onondaga Cup Timperley 12-Cheadle 9
J & S Cup Norbury/Cheadle 14-Heaton Mersey 12
Lancashire Cup Leeds 7-Wilmslow 6
Stockport Cup Rochdale-Mellor
Senior Flags Poynton 13-Cheadle 11

Nick Kehoe Trophy
In recent years the Nick Kehoe Trophy organised by Clive Perrin has grown into a major event with international teams playing in a two day competition.
The 2019 tournament took place over the Bank Holiday and attracted a 12 teams including ones from Eire, Spain, Belgium and Wales and Scotland, and there were around 50 games played over the two days
The North West reinforced their position at the top of the English men’s game beating Yorkshire in the Final after Yorkshire had knocked out holders South in a tense semi final. MVP for the North West was Timperley's own Tom Bracegirdle.
As part of the weekend the England U19 Prague squad played a full game against the Scotland Men's team and came away with a decent 6-3 win. Timperley representation from Messrs Flisk, Greaves, Lee and Loveland, plus coaches Armstrong and Cragg.

The game in the South is thriving at the moment and the South Flags Final was certainly evidence of the strength of the game in the tropics.
You look at the programme for the Flags finals and it does give you a sense of the depth of activity that is now going on.

Congratulations to all SEMLA division champions this season.

SEMLA League
Premier Division - Hampstead
Division 1 - Spencer 2
Division 2 - Oxford University
East North Division 1 - Camden Capybaras
East South Division 1 - Canterbury City
East South Division 2 - Spencer 4
West North Division - Oxford Owls
West South Division - Plymouth Privateers

SEMLA Local Leagues
London Division 1 - Hampstead
London Division 2 - Spencer 2
London Division 3 - Camden Capybaras
East Anglia Division 1 - Welwyn Warriors
East Anglia Division 2 - Milton Keynes
Home Counties Division 1 - Walcountian Blues
Home Counties Division 2 - Canterbury City
Cotswolds Division 1 - Bristol Bombers
Cotswolds Division 2 - Cheltenham
South Central Division - Guildford Gators
Peninsula Division - Plymouth Privateers
Midlands Division - Loughborough University

Senior Flags Spencer 11 Hampstead 12
Intermediate Flags Hillcroft A 5 Spencer 2 12
Minor Flags Bath 9 Welwyn2 12
I played in the South for a number of years in the early 1970s and my observation is that the South has always had much more dynamic and innovative leadership than existed in the North. What for many years what they did not have was the number of players.
Except for a brilliant Lee team in the early 1970s the only decent players in the South were Northerners and they, like me, were hardly wonderful, or Americans or Australians.
What the South did have were visionary people. In my life people like Ron Balls (the outstanding administrator of my lifetime), Peter Munday, Peter Compton and Clive Beaumont and others were light years ahead of “3rd Thursday of the month” at Cale Green.
Nothing seems to have changed in recent years and the leadership in the South would seem to be significantly superior to those leading NWLA in particular.

For a few seconds it did seem that there was a possibility that the Men’s National Championship (aka The Iroquois Cup) would be played.
However, Poynton decided that they could pick and choose when they would be North Champions and that on the date set for the National Championships it was not convenient for them to accept the obligations of representing the North.
The venue set at the army sports complex in Aldershot seems to have a lot going for it except where it is! Over the years the efforts of English Lacrosse to make men’s and women’s club lacrosse a truly national game have been thwarted by failure of the clubs , both from North and South to accept their responsibilities.
When Aldershot is more difficult to travel to than getting from Manchester to Amsterdam or France, as a senior officer of the ELA memorably commented when informed that National Schools was to be held in Guildford.
It was not always thus.
In 1966 (I think) I went up to Mellor to watch Mellor play Cambridge University in the Final (?) of the Iroquois Cup.
In 1967 I played for the South v North in a very competitive game. I am not sure how long the North v South game survived. It evolved into The Regional Trophy which itself grew into the Nick Kehoe Trophy.
In 1970 I was living in London playing for Hampstead when the great team was Lee. We made a proposal to the ELU for playing a national competition. The proposal got nowhere because of the refusal of Northern clubs to countenance one weekend a year down south.
For much of the next 40 years it proved largely impossible to garner club support for a national game.
May be the current game leadership will be more successful in taking Lacrosse to the next level.


I am not willing to waste much of my time on Brexit. Not because it is a lost cause but because we have reached the extremes of credulity.
The recent local elections saw us plummet the depths of chaos. Both the Tories and Labour suggest that the reason they were destroyed at the polls was because they had not delivered Brexit.
It seems difficult to argue that the reason people voted in the local Elections was not a reflection of their position on Brexit. It is equally impossible to think that if you were in favour of Leave that your position would be to vote for a solidly remain party like the Lib Dems or Greens. The Tories are in disarray and the idea that Theresa May enjoys any sort of majority in any sort of poll is frankly ridiculous. The majority of any vote would seem to indicate that people are now in favour of remaining in the EU. The idea of respecting the result of the 2016 Referendum would seem to me to be ridiculous. It is a discredited process which does not respect the will of the people and democracy and is against any idea of doing what is right for the country.
In Altrincham and Sale we have an MP who is frankly a fiasco in that he promotes a doctrine which is totally at odds with the views of most people who live in Trafford. To me who loves Altrincham as a community which embraces the right values the idea that Hale voted Tory is a worrying reality. Do the voters of Hale actually read the information that is set out before them ? They certainly do not respect the realities of the situation.
And now we head for another election for MEPs

Updated 09:50 - 10 May 2019 by TLC Admin

Where next?

WEEKLY ROUNDUP 8th MAY End of season round up

Sun 28 Apr
Boys U12A Cheadle
Cup 12 – 9
Sat 27 Apr
Boys U16A Poynton
Cup 8 – 6

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