Sat 09
Ladies Team
Ladies v Mellor

Ladies v Mellor

By Cengiz Ilhan
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Exciting game against a strong team (that beat Stockport).

Very cold but at least dry. At the end, we only had 10 players for this game so no subs. However, this did not stop us putting a great team performance. Possibly our best game so far this season, in terms of how we started it and controlled it.

Quarter 1. From the beginning till almost to the end we controlled this quarter very well. We were leading 5-0 with two minutes left. Mellor scored two goals in this last two minutes. We identified what we had to do and came back even stronger in Quarter 2. Score was 5 - 2 for us.

Quarter 2. Again we were in control of this quarters. Score was 6-2 for us.

Quarter 3. This was a much closer quarter. At times Mellor were leading, if we just look at this quarter. However, at the end we pulled back and the score for this quarter was 4-4.

Quarter 4. We said we wanted to have a strong final quarter and we did. Score was 5-2.

Final score 20 - 10 to Timperley.

Georgia in goal made some great saves (I lost count how many she made); in defence Jess, Emma S and Helen worked well as a team; midfield (Emma E, Lucy F and Alice A) and attack (Kat S, Nic S and Rosie P) worked well together as well. We scored some great fast break goals where we used our numerical advantage to our benefit. We also scored some great goals from settled play.

We need to look at this game and work on how we can repeat this performance every game.

Scores and assists:
Nic S 5 / 3
Kat S 5 / 2
Lucy F 5 / 2
Alice A 3 / 4
Rosie P 2 / 3

Our next game is possibly against Leeds next weekend.

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