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Girls U18 White
4th game of the season for U18 White team.

4th game of the season for U18 White team.

By Cengiz Ilhan
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Another loss.

We had 15 players, with three players from the young U15s joining us (Jasmine T, Alice A and Mia B).

We had a good warm up before the game where we were picking up the ground balls and passing well. Once the game started, under competitive pressure our skills were not as good. We allowed our opponents to score far too easy and made too many mistakes. At the end, we lost 20 - 5 to a good side but the gap should not have been this big. If we were a bit more clinical in front of the goal and played more often like the 10 minute spell in the first half when we gave Brooklands no opportunity to score, the gap would have been less. When we settle and pass around we are dangerous.

We need to be a bit more aggressive and close to our opponents for them to feel us and be annoyed of our presence as well as that old thing of being hungry for every ball!

After the game, with the girls and later with Lucy, we looked at what we need to work on, which are:
• More communication and shouting on the pitch.
• Practise picking up ground balls on grass.
• How to defend against fast break and organise in defence.
• Passing. Improve accuracy and practise short passing.
• Working in the back.
• Learn and practise set plays.
• Work on small bucket defending.
• Get onto cutters to stop feeding.

I have spoken to Jo and we will try to incorporate or work on as many of those before our next game.

Man of the match: Ellie Racle - worked tirelessly and unselfishly on all parts of the pitch.

Best goal (new category), any 3 from our 5 goals (Jodie passed and Alice scored and Jasmine passed and Emma scored). Settle; pass around, cut, shoot and goal. More of this and we will do much better.

Scores and assist.
Alice Allan 3/1
Jodie Pollard -/3
Jasmine Torevell 1/1
Emma Coghlan 1/-

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Sun 05, Nov 2017