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Lord's Taverners v Lords & Commons XI - a sort of scorecard

Lord's Taverners v Lords & Commons XI - a sort of scorecard

Phil Wright6 May - 16:08
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the details....

It was a great occasion in the history of Tipton St John cricket club on Saturday 4th May when our humble ground was visited by the illustrious Lord’s Taverners who took on the Lords & Commons Parliamentary XI.

Well, that is a little bit off the truth, as both teams arrived short of numbers and had to recruit locally to make up 10 a side. Tipton’s own Devon U14 player Brendan Coles and fellow county player Will Smart were drafted into the Lord’s Taverners team alongside Tipton’s Tom Birch. Tom was meant to be on duty as the announcer. With Roger Hunt’s help, a pagoda was set up with a PA system which had lots of pre-match testing, testing, testing much to the annoyance of the gathering throngs. His promotion to player was a boon to the local wildlife who did not have to suffer an afternoon of disturbance, but sadly not a boon to the Taverners batting total as will become apparent later.

The Parliamentarian batters took to the field having first go on the soft wicket. Bowlers from both sides (Coles and Smart excepted) will probably not have met the challenge of such a pitch and failed to realise they had to pitch the ball up or it would fail to reach the crease before having bounced at least twice. Umpires David Birch and Jem Gillham both had a very busy afternoon. When they weren’t thrusting their left arm out with a cry (morphing as time passed to an embarrassing whisper) of no-ball, both arms were outstretched to signal a wide. A match that should have been 40 overs maximum took an additional 10 with the evening festivities being in danger of being delayed.

When the fixture was announced we had visions of retired cricketers and show bizz personalities tussling for space in our micro pavilion, but the reality was not quite that. In conversation, some of the players did divulge their occupations and of places where their public service had taken them. For the benefit of spectators who were left wondering, I have consulted our friend Mr Google to try to enlighten them I do humbly apologise if I have picked out the wrong person! I have also ignored anything that may cause embarrassment! The scorecard went something like this:
Lords and Commoners
1. Rajdeep Choudray (actor … not sure what he was doing playing for Parliament team) LBW (shame on you Jem) b Kennedy 8
2. Peter Wilson (Senior Civil Servant … so was James Bond) caught & bowled Matharu 13
3. Charles Rivington (senior Parliamentary assistant) ct Smart b Coles 5
4. Gagan Mohindra (Member of Parliament SW Herts) bowled Matharu 1
5. Pragash Sharma (Technical Delivery manager, House of Commons) not out 31
6. Toby Colehan (probably does something useful in the House of Commons) ct Hartwell b Lambert 13
7. Megan Williams (Senior parliamentary assistant, set up 1st parliamentary cricket team) bowled Smart 2
8. Albertine Symes (Branscombe school and Sidmouth CC) bowled Lambert 4
9. Andrew Bingham (former MP High Peak) ct Hartwell b Coles 4
10. James Daly (current MP Bury North) LBW (… more shame…) bowled Coles 2
Total 116 including 33 extras
Best bowling: B Coles 4-0-6-3 A Lambert 3-0-19-2 T Matharu 4-0-38-2 G Kennedy 2-0-15-1

Then the Lord’s Taverners had a bat. The opening Parliamentary bowling was more accurate:
1. Mike Hartwell (director of marketing, Lords Taverners) bowled Symes 5
2. Tony Matharu (Chairman of a big hotel company & on Taverners Board of Trustees) bowled Symes 3
3. Brendon Coles (Tipton St John & Devon U14 .. probably another team up the road also) caught unknown b Sharma 26
4. Will Smart (Devon U14 and probably Ottery St Mary?) caught different unknown b Choudray 7
5. Gordon Kennedy (actor & producer) LBW .. evening things up… bowled Malhindra 8
6. Kevin O’Donnell (singer) not out 16
7. Tom Birch (one of our own) bowled twice .. first ball which is not allowed, then again 4th ball bowled both times by Sharma 0
8. Alan Lambert (big cheeses in local holiday company) not out 2
9. Mervyn Ramsey (Lord’s Taverner, cricket & golf partnership manager) did not bat
10. Nick Hawkins (lawyer & former MP) did not bat
Total 103 including 42 extras
Best bowling: P Sharma 3-1-5-2 A Symes 4-0-15-2 T Colehan 4-1-8-0

Lords & Commoners X win by 13 runs

PS Jem, only joking
PPS They really know what grass roots cricket is now...

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