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Statto finds out how to put his spreadsheets onto the webpage.

Statto finds out how to put his spreadsheets onto the webpage.

Phil Wright15 May - 13:51
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First one gives information on quickest retirements in 20 over matches

Statto completes retirement spreadsheet.

You have misread the heading. Statto is not planning to retire as he is still enjoying his time on the field. Indeed, after recent fielding performances is willing to take on the roll as fielding coach so he can pass on his ability in flinging himself to the floor in time to fall on or intercept a passing cricket ball.
This latest spreadsheet from the king of all spreadsheets results from a question from Lewis Davies following his recent exploits with the bat. After hitting 30 runs off just 10 balls and having to retire in the game against Erratics, he asked if that was the least number of runs faced before having to retire. My answer thinking of the 39 scorebooks in my cabinet in the spare room was ‘we will never know’ as the task would be too onerous.
Well, that was until I was recently incarcerated at home for 2 days waiting for Virgin Media to restore my emails. I started working my way back through the scorebooks studying the 20 overs matches. Thankfully, many of the recent evening matches have been scored by either Bruce Marshall or myself who have recorded balls faced. Any game scored by anyone else or copied from the opposition are sadly not included.
Retirements in evening matches is also a fairly recent development. It does ensure more players have an involvement in a game and a team with one dominant batsmen cannot over influence the result. This came in around 2010 with teams such as Westbrick, Yeoford and Otter Brewery and gradually spread through all opponents.
I initially thought I had found another leader, but on closer inspection, the retirement was set at 25! So my list has two parts, retirement at 25 and 30. What is not evident from bare statistics is the standard of the opposition, wicket and distance to the boundary. My concern is that our skipper will be faced with players looking to top the list instead of playing for the good of the team! Some of the innings down the list were probably good innings ensuring the team reached a good total.
So the answer is…. Yes, Lewis’s 30 from 10 balls is the record beating John Buckland’s 11 against Sunset last season by just 1 ball. John Buckland and Joe Birch share the record of retiring at 25 in just 7 balls, Bucks again against Sunset in 2022 and Joe at Lympstone in 2015. It is good to see some names from the past in the list, including John Williamson.
The list can temporarily be found on our website under Information  Documents, then select the spreadsheet and download. There are other spreadsheets now available there!


Retirements in evening matches

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