By Sophie Kukor
24 March 2020
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Information on the forthcoming TRFC Virtual AGM

TRFC Club Virtual AGM
April 8th 2020 starting at 7pm

1. Apologies:
2. Obituaries
3. Adoption of Minutes of the 2019 AGM
4. Chairman’s Report
5. Treasurer Report
6. Clubhouse Managers Report
7. Club Officers Stand-Down Club President
8. Election of Club Officers:
a. Chairman
b. Vice Chairman
c. Honorary Secretary
d. Honorary Treasurer
9. Appointment of Auditor Hon Treasurer
10. Any Other Business (as notified to the Hon Secretary (or Chair) in
writing, as a proposal,24 hours prior to AGM)

How to access the meeting:

Joining a Zoom Meeting
Please click the link below to join the AGM zoom meeting. If you have never
used Zoom before then please try this a few days ahead of time to make sure your computer
downloads the software to enable you to join the meeting. You may need to input the
password 007520 to join. If you have any difficulty then please contact Graham Smith
- We would also ask that you join the meeting 5-10 mins
early so that we can make sure that we have 45 people on the call before we start. Also please
try and be somewhere quiet with good internet connection.
Time: Apr 8, 2020 07:00 PM London
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 298 259 569
Password: 007520
When we are in the meeting you will have the opportunity to ask questions later on. With
hopefully 45 plus members on the call managing the conversation will require some control
therefore almost everyone will be muted at the start of the meeting but you will be able to
ask questions if you “Raise your Hand” in an electronic way. If you look at your screen you
should see a button with "Participants" on it click that and you should see the Raise Hand
button we will then know that you have a question. You can then press "Lower hand"
We will vote for each of the 4 positions of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary
we will not be voting for Trustees. The Management Committee have a list of 8 people
currently who have put themselves forward to be Trustees we will be contacting those people
subsequently to discuss how they can help and make a selection of 4 from that list.
Voting will be done by poll. Once we launch the poll please click on the person you want for
the position and then click "Submit" below. We will be able to display the results after
everyone has voted.
In order to vote you need to be a member of the club. In regard to junior membership only
one parent of a child in the juniors is automatically a voting member of the club not both so please decide which one of you will be on the call to vote.

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