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Topsham u10's

By Mike Higgins
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A strong performance from a well drilled squad.

The first game of the new season for these youngsters, with a raft of new rules and techniques to get on top of.
This year sees the introduction of rucking, mauling, and (non contested) scrums. The four week training period has been absolutely vital to get them all up to speed, not to mention polishing up on their existing passing and tackling skills.

So, were they ready for it? You bet!

Right out of the blocks the Topsham kids got stuck right in. They seem to be particularly fond of their newly acquired 'ripping' skills, sometimes leaving the opposition players yelling 'Ref! He cant just take the ball off me!'. Since the RFU Rules for u10's permit legal competition for the ball they very much can, so it was great to see our lot taking full advantage.

The rucks went well and we were rarely turned over, although discipline will be a key factor as the season progresses.
Scrums and mauls need work, but since these areas of the game are largely uncontested at this stage we have plenty of time.

All in all a great first game. Hopefully more of the same when we face Cullompton next week.

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