By Isobel Lyall
6 March 2019
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Hi all,

A note to let you all know what is happening within the club and to let you know we really are trying our best in very challenging circumstances. As many of you may already know, Delta hockey pitch has been 'under closure' for many many months now and although the date keeps getting pushed back for final closure and renovation the booking process is anything but straight forward.

The club has our pitch secretary, Lauren Windle, in constant dismay as her efforts to secure Tornados training times have her jump through hoops and doubling up her workload with misinformation and rejected booking, only for them to open up a week later. With nearly 15 different variations of affiliates/ teams in Singapore there is simply not enough space and time in the week for everyone to train, which means sometimes we simply lose out.

Unfortunately this is completely out of our control and we can only make do with our best efforts for the club. So to show complete transparency and to make you aware of our efforts in having consistent training for all... (no we don't try and screw your week up intentionally) the fact of the matter is sometimes we only have two hours training available on Thursdays for the month of March and April with 6 teams wanting to train. In the weeks that we are unable to secure the Delta pitch for the women the men will have to forfeit their space and much nicer pitch... we may also change days, do some social team bonding, engage in other fitness related sports.. however the reality is we are trying to make a bad situation okay. So..

The Men's 1s & 2s and the Ladies 1's & 2's are currently in their competitive league and therefore for the benefit of the club we will prioritise the pitch time to the 4 teams, as this situation will not resolve this year the same will be done for the Mens 3's and 4's in their league season from late July.

As you can imagine there is too many players still to all be on the pitch at once and so we propose the following to mediate all coaches and players for the weeks when we can't get enough pitch space at Delta:

Ladies 1s - Half pitch at Evans Rd 8-9pm, Evans rd track session 9-10pm
Ladies 2s and training members - Evans Rd Track session 8-9pm, Half pitch at Evans Rd 9-10pm
Mens 1s - Half pitch at Evans Rd/ Track session dependent on numbers 8-10pm
Mens 2s - Half pitch at Evans Rd/ Track session dependent on numbers 8-10pm

For when we can't get pitch space at Evans either - WATCH THIS SPACE - we will update you as best we can.

Mens 3s & 4s - I hope you can all appreciate that the Liga games is a social league and although we appreciate your enthusiasm to train we currently do not have the pitch space to accommodate your wish to train, of course you are welcome to come to the fitness portion of these trainings on the Evans Rd track which will be run by the respective captains, and we thoroughly encourage you to do so. When we do have the pitch space your respective captains/ team admin will update you as soon as possible.

To make the above work, we require the following from our members, for the sake of your teams and for your coaches:
* Be on Time
* Attend fitness - after watching the first few games there is not a team that would not benefit from gaining some extra fitness
* Be patient and considerate
* Do not steal the other teams balls - I will be watching you (Big Brother)

We appreciate how frustrating this is for EVERYONE, most of all your committee that is working tirelessly to find alternatives and solutions wherever possible! If you wish to discuss any of the above please consult with your captains, your Director of Hockey (Lawrence Coelho), your club captains (Susana Matus [L], Nathan Harwood [M]) or your president (Izzy Lyall) We will do our best to explain or hear your frustrations at this point. If you have any ability to help us with pitch bookings at your school or any associated grounds please contact Lauren Windle or Izzy Lyall.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and we hope that a solution will present itself throughout the year. Your pitchero will soon start showing your training schedule so if you are in any doubt refer to your pitchero app or consult your WhatsApp group.

Trying our best,
Tornados Hockey Club

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