Sat 06
Old Rafflesians Association
Men's 3s
Slow Start for Tornados

Slow Start for Tornados

By William Woolsey-Brown
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No Red Light!

Tornado’s turned up nice and early for the start of the season, eager to get on the pitch, only to be held back by the dreaded red light. With the game before cancelled, our luck held and the game was on!

Prior to being allowed on the pitch, we were required to read a safety booklet from the Hockey Association about injuries... Considering the team’s age and general physical state, this seemed appropriate. There certainly was no fear of us getting Abibliophobia, although some of the long words in the booklet did cause Hendo to be challenged...

Once warmed up and our reading complete, we were ready to go. With a number of new players in the team, we started slowly, never really getting out of second gear. Then ORA showed their skills. Smacking the ball into the D from a long corner, with all the imagination & creativity of a white painted wall. Unfortunately, this was rather effective as they slotted the ball in to the back of the net.

After the goal, we started to go through the gears. It was not until after half time that we hit our stride, creating a number of good chances, with ORA unable to get out of there half. On the rare/only occasion that ORA did attack, Stuart decided to help them out by passing the ball straight to their centre forward at the top of the D, who unmarked, duly scored past a stranded Olly.

Despite being 2-0 down, this did not slow down our onslaught on the ORA goal. After a number of good chances and short corners, Tim managed to slot one into the goal. This onslaught continued with no further success, so ended our first game with a 2-1 defeat.

Much to build on from this newly formed squad, with many positives to take from the game.

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