Sat 07
Hollandse Club
Men's 3s
Maybe voodoo isn’t bad magic...

Maybe voodoo isn’t bad magic...

By William Woolsey-Brown
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The Dutch turn orange in embarrassment...

A Tornado first as far as I am aware, a 9am game. What voodoo is this? An expat side not scheduled at the arse end of Sunday or Saturday night? Well this is new. Despite the unnaturally early start, the M3s gathered albeit again missing some key figures including Skip who has been in Turkey firing darts (and playing golf). With a you few late fitness tests coming good, the team fielded a solid 16 to battle the Dutch before the midday sun took its toll.

After a short warm up, coach, who has now seemingly perfected the art of turning the very simple into the incredibly complex, pulled out the whiteboard and our game-plan didn’t so much emerge, as more a detailed strategy on how to play Connect 4 was presented. With various yellow markers being moved in random patterns resembling not a great deal, we began to get pumped all assuming it would figure itself out. Luckily stand in Captain Matt grabbed hold of the situation and following some simple translation, we settled on “keep the ball, score goals”.

Now, I would spend time telling you about how we made a sensible start, lessons learned from prior weeks, gradually building and probing and finding our rhythm, but it would be unnecessary. The game is much better summed up as follows:

Got the ball - good passing - gave it to Headley. Finish. 1-0

Got the ball again - good passing - gave it to Headley again. Finish. 2-0.

Messed about a bit. Got the ball back. Gave it to Headley. Lobbed the keeper. 3-0.

Headley got it. Scored. 4-0.

Defended a short corner. Played around. Gave it to Headley. 5-0.

Classic rubbish bit where we got a bit complacent, gave the ball away. 5-1.

Clearance ball from practically our D - which I’m sure I can honestly say 9 of us gave up on as a lost cause - Arya (bless his little fresher’s legs) chasing it down, slid to keep it in play with one hand (where the devil did he produce that skill from??) and then managed to cross to Matt who converted through the keeper’s legs. 6-1.

At the moment of writing there is definitely a missing 7th goal which I’m told goes to Fraser - but as I’m desperately trying to figure out how to use the words Combine Harvester in the match report I’m going to leave it there.

(Ed - after much further discussion, it has been confirmed that Kris scored the last, however per following comment on spectators, his whole family missed it!)

Excellent performance all round - great skippering from Matt. Solid D from Hunts and the back 4, really good to have Will finding his feet back in the middle, good support from the forwards and of course an unquestionable man of the match performance from (for today only) Tight Headley.

Cracking work lads.

On a sad note, we say farewell to Arya who goes on to sew his seed at Warwick university. May every team benefit from your unwavering energy and constantly cheerful demeanor. Fantastic assist today with such is the fountain of youth! Wish you all the best. Try not to be sick on your first day.

Thanks to Michelle, Kris’ family and Hendo for the support. Looking forward to having you back road runner!!

What a great way to start a Saturday. Pain heals, chics dig scars, glory lasts forever. Roll on next week.

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