Sun 13
Men's 3s
Police Sports Association
Police lockdown Tornados

Police lockdown Tornados

By William Woolsey-Brown
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No rest for the wicked

Well. .goodness me.

That was a toughy.

Off the back of a last gasp winner against Balestier Lions on the Saturday, Tornado’s 3’s rolled out again on Sunday afternoon for possibly the biggest match of the season so far. Still with a number of games in hand, a win would put them within shooting distance of 2nd place! 1st place being a distant planet, with Team Hi smashing the living bjesus out of pretty much every other team in the league. The race for 2nd place was on.

Stiff legs was the name of the game at arrival at Sengkang, but after an excellent warm up consisting of shooing the chicken, kicking oneself in the head and various other specifiicaly hockey based warm up movements, the limbs started to loosen….

Smiles and pats on the back were given to the returning hunts, who if you had not known better, you would have thought he’d come straight from the hospital having become a father. In fact, he HAD come from the hospital, but having run away from his wife to play hockey, after her hip replacement. ‘SHE WASN’T FAST ENOUGH TO STOP ME’

The team was announced and the author, after his pretty terrible performance the day before (no this isn’t Matt), was very happy to hear his name in the starting line-up. Result! But what would come of the mighty Tornados?

Aware of the threats the police pose, Tornados started carefully in the well-practiced half court. ‘Kristian!!! Kristian!!!! Half court, half court’ allowing the police time on the ball, but with no end product. Easily snuffed out once crossing the half way line.. 1 point to Sailan.

Tornados started to press forward with the ball and with Will Petty in excellent form down the right wing channel causing havoc in the final 3rd. Only problem being that the rest of us couldn’t keep up!! A number of attacking penalty corners ensued as Will and Will and Will all were able to nudge the ball on to opposition foot and the umpire incredibly noting the infringement (more on that later)…

A rumbling noise most normally only heard on the plains of Salisbury, was heard as the Number 3 drag flicker for the Tornados made his way up the pitch. The artillery was here. ‘Don’t worry lads, I practiced a couple before the game’. Shame he didn’t practice with boring hedders… Out comes the ball. Crash, both go for it.. Nope that was not the outcome we wanted. Smirks all round and more rumbling, as the Artillery left the battlefield…

2nd corner!!! Unhelped by WWB, who wanders over and asks them if they can decide who is going to stop it this time... Tight hedley and Hunts gather their thoughts…..

And it’s out… Fired hard from the injector.. only one person stops it. and whoosh…. BANG. Backboard!!!! GET IN…

1-0. Great finish from Hunts into the bottom corner..

From the restart it was clear Police wanted quick revenge and soon after came the first of a couple of excellent saves from Olly, pushing it around the post.
But police had the bit between their teeth.

Half time came and went... more of the same was needed from tornados.

Sticking to the game plan, Tornados continued to hold off the Police, with Petty being the main outlet down the right flank..
But.. tired legs started to show after the game on the previous day... Police started to find gaps through to their front men and with continued pressure on the back 4, created a number of chances.. hmm.. although some very interesting 5 metre decisions from the umpire along with Percy basically being assaulted with no decision coming his way....

Frustratingly, Police managed to get back in to it with a well worked Penalty corner..


Slightly disappointingly, the rest of the game is a bit of a blur for the author. I know we lost 2-1, but I was physically broken and it took me about 3 hours of hanging around at Sengkang after the game, 3 litres of 100plus and countless leg and stomach cramps before I could go close to a taxi.. even then, I had to be rescued at the other end by my housemate.... remember kids.. Hydrate with more than just water!! That was not a fun experience...

Anyway. Really disappointing not to come away with a result. But all the lads out heart and soul out there so you can ask for much more....

3 games left.....

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