Sat 09
Men's 3s
Hollandse HC
Mens 3's vs Hollandse

Mens 3's vs Hollandse

By William Woolsey-Brown
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The Royal dutch fleet defeated in a Tornado

Even though written with long due, the writer is extremely honoured by the privilege to present the last match report of the season.

Also as a caveat, the writer wanted to mention that he relied heavily on his memory to write this report.

As we are in November, he had to focus his entire vital energy to grow his amazingly unique moustache, which a fellow dutch didn’t fail to praise.

As a result of that, WWB might end up with goals allocated, we all know that he didn’t score anything but the writer’s memory would just have simply failed.

For this last game of the season, the team had shown an extraordinary commitment with a solid turnup of 19 players. Even though our faithful coach was not able to be with us, the team made sure to be all there to support a win.

Thank to Nathan who came especifically (likely more for the beer afterwards) to support us as coach.

After close to no warmup, to make sure that WWB achilles did not snap at warmup, but only during his first sprint, we slowly started to play the ball around like teenagers to show some stick handling skills to the Dutch.

We did so, even without Gareth who we all know is the best at showing off this kind of stick’s skills.

The pre-match briefing showed us all that we were finally ready, especially ready NOT TO DO what Salan taught us to and react independently.

Let’s forget about “High on the left and funnel them through our strong side”, today we were in for the “Full press. Full press. Full press”

And Wwb was right, we finally had a potentially slower team in front of us, and it was our turn to play the run-everywhere-teenagers. 

¡ Game starts !

Thanks to Will Petty’s stamina, even though the speed of the team was still at par with a group fat kids running to the candy store with 2$ in their pocket, the dutch were way slower.

Wow, we looked fast!

Starting seeing the tornados becoming dangerous in their D, the Dutch became disorganised and had their first foot in the D.
BOOM great drag flick on top right on a short corner from Tim to open the score.

¡ 1:0 !

Our full press really works!

The Dutchs are overwhelmed, they start shouting at each other, complaining for high balls, losing their temper (or just being dutch), and few minutes later… are force to get a foul in their surface.
Without second thoughts, the umpire whistles a Penalty stroke.

Now it is Craig’s turn to transform the opportunity. With no shame and no frills he pushes a slow ball in the middle.. and tricked the Dutch solid keeper.

¡ 2:0 !

From there starts the pretty intense part of the game, the team starts to remember that there are fresh beers waiting in the Eski and a barbecue coming.

They cannot ruin the night by pissing off Wwb.

... The pace increases in second half

Another foot, leads to a second short corner, beautifully transformed by Tim. 2 shot taken 2 goals


¡ 3:0 !

The Dutch started attacking more insistingly and ended making a pretty dangerous approach in our D, but their Tomahawk didn’t come close to scare Olly.

That’s when Lionel, one of our latest addition converted beautifully 2 not-so-organised attacks on the Dutch as goals to send us to the ego-boosting score of 5:0.

¡ 4:0 !
¡ 5:0 !

As a side note, the writer wanted to warn Lionel to clean the internet of weird funny content which can lead its teammate to make fun of him. here:
(Sorry mate :D )

The game is now over, so is the season.

The writer of this report was very happy to spend this season with this great team, and I’m sure that another match report is needed for the barbecue and karaoke that must have followed straight after.

Also, the writer will not put here his Movember link as let’s face it, it is pretty ridiculous.


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