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Ladies' 2s
Third win in a row for L2

Third win in a row for L2

By Isobel Lyall
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Ladies 2s

Tornados Ladies 2s played an intense game on Sunday in the intense heat with a 3pm start. It was a hot game in every sense of word!
Battling the mid-afternoon heat, Ladies 2s came back after trailing 0-1 for the majority of the match against Singapore Polytechnic to finish with a 2-1 victory. Tornados maintained solid possession throughout—led by Shireen’s strong performance up the right side—but had trouble converting that into points on the board. SP had scored before half time however the ladies never let it dampen their enthusiasm, and through persistence and determination, finally, during the final quarter of play, Tornados scored twice in quick succession. The first, off a penalty short corner executed by a hit from Callie from the right hand side. The second goal was knocked home after a rebound from the goalie to the back post by Annastasia. As per Ladies 2s new motto “if Karli could do it, you can do it” the ladies really did do it!
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