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The 100 Club

Hundred Club

The Towcestrians Hundred Club is a "lottery style' club which is being formed for the financial benefit of the club and its members. The Club is a "mutual benefits club', which means that whilst it is owned by the members of Towcestrians Sports and Social Club ("the promoter') and is designed specifically to provide much needed funds for the each of the sub sections of Towcestrians Sports and Social Club and offers substantial CASH PRIZE winnings every month to members of the Club. Everybody wins!!

How does the Hundred Club work?

  • Each member will covenant £5.00 per month, by standing order into the Towcestrians Hundred Club funds
  • The Hundred Club funds will be held in a designated bank account in the name of Towcestrians Hundred Club.
  • Monies will be collected from the bank accounts of the members of the Hundred Club on the 28th day of each month.
  • The monthly Prize winner will be drawn by the Chairman or the Vice Chairman or their nominated representative, at the Towcestrians Club committee meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and announced on the following Sunday.
  • Initially, in the first few months, prizes will be capped at 50% of takings. Thereafter, the monthly cash prizes will increase incrementally as the membership and the funds increase and as soon as we reach 100 members, there will be 12 monthly prizes of £200.00.
  • After the individual winners have been "paid out', all residual monies from the funds will be re-appropriated into the funds of Towcestrains Sports and Social Club and will be dispersed by the committee into its individual sports sections as nominated by the participants.
  • The non collection of a monies from a monthly standing order will automatically disqualify the member from taking part in the draw for Cash winnings. If the member no longer wishes to take part, his or her number will immediately be made available to be re-allocated to another person.

How do I join the Hundred Club?:
  • Entry forms can be printed from the website by clicking the links below. Please fill in the forms and return them to the club. If you prefer forms are available from Robert "Tonk' Freeborough or from the Towcestrians club bar. Complete the Membership information (ie Name, address etc) and your standing order bank details, and you will be enrolled in date order.

  • The first winners have already been announced!!
  • Good luck to everyone!


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