Sat 04
Derby 2nd XV
2nd XV Development Squad
K Ancil, J Rust, R Lees
C Garwood
Derby Away

Derby Away

By Mark Frost
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Defence Tested

The last time these 2 teams met Tows scraped through with a draw after coming from behind against a very good Derby side . With the long trip away Tows didn't want nothing than a win to return home with and the game started fast and very physical from both sides but Derby had Tows pinned in their own 22 ,using full advantage of the wind to do so but Tows showed their pace with a kick forward from Ben roe and Jonny Rust latching onto the ball to make a 30 yard run untouched to unselfishly pass to winger Kris Ancil to settle the nerves the conversion was missed by the strong wind sending the ball wide . Derby again used the wind to push Tows deep into there own 22 again and mounted a ferocious attack pushing Tows to defend on the try line but Tows pure strength and determination to keep Derby out and they pushed through on a quick 4 man maul 5-7 . The game started to settle down and speed wasn't the key due to the pitch cutting up badly and very tacky but Tows hadn't finished they needed to take the lead before the break and had pushed Derby into there own 22 and Chris Kirby- Rob Russell took the ball phase after phase until they got into striking distance for the ref to decide it was time for another scrum this was also another great match but .Tows got the edge and scrum half Dave Stocks passed over to Jonny Rust to put Tows in front 10-7. Tows hadn't finished the forwards had other plans with Rob Lees taking the ball over and Callum Garwood slotting the ball over just before the break 17-7 HT
Fresh legs on after the break and with the wind on there backs Tows pushed Derby back into their own half and equally added the pressure but couldn't produce anymore tries FT 17-7 .
This was one of the best games I've watched which showed the strength and determination of the side when put under pressure to still come out victorious well done lads
Man of the Match was very close with Marc Yeates - Chris Kirby and Callum Jones all mentioned but this week it's Rob Lees who takes the honours.
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Towcestrians 2nd XV
Derby 2nd XV