Code of Conduct

Disciplinary Policy and Procedures

Note: The principle of this policy is not to impose draconian restrictions on members but rather to encourage self-restraint for the benefit of our teams and all club members, whether playing or non-playing. By having a disciplinary panel, the club fully supports Staffordshire RFU policy.

The club expects all players to observe the Laws of the Game, to respect referees’ decisions and to be mindful of the safety of themselves and others.

Off the field and in the clubhouse, all members will be expected to behave appropriately, showing consideration to fellow members and visitors.

Where members clearly contravene these expectations, they may be called to appear before the club’s disciplinary panel.

Where players are sent off, they may be called before the club’s disciplinary panel prior to any action taken by the Staffs RFU, who have the authority from the RFU to impose disciplinary procedures and power to suspend players from playing. Any club sanctions will then be referred to the Staffs. RFU who may take them into account when they make their decision.

Players who accumulate yellow cards may also be called to appear before the club’s disciplinary panel.
When considering cases, the club’s disciplinary panel will have regard to the following main principles:
the rules of natural justice
the Laws of the Game
standards of discipline within the club
The need to help players help themselves


1. Senior

The disciplinary panel will consist of its chairman, appointed by the main committee, and up to 3 other members of the club. It will be convened as soon as possible after any reported offence, on notice to the player(s) concerned, and may call evidence.
After hearing the evidence and the member’s representations, the panel should make its findings as to the facts, and then impose any sanctions merited as a result. The chairman of the panel should confirm the decision, ideally within 7 days, and inform the club secretary in writing.
The player may appeal against the panel’s findings by notifying the club secretary of his grounds in writing, within 7 days of the hearing.