Trentham 72s

Trentham 72s

By Jay Turnock
15th August
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Fundraising for YOUR club!!

This season we’re going to kick off our Trentham 72s fundraising draw.

Entrants pick an envelope containing the name of one of the 72 club or international teams competing in Europe’s top club competitions, the Rugby World Cup and 6 Nations. Depending on the success of the team in the envelope, the entrant can win prizes.

For example, the envelope containing the winner of the world cup receives £250.00. England are a bonus prize so if you get England and they do a World Cup and 6 Nations double you could win £500!!!

Each entrant pays a £10 deposit to choose their envelope, it then remains secret until everyone has paid the £50 total fee. That’s £10 up front and then £5 a month for the rest of the season (8months).

There are 20 prizes to be won, giving you a 2 in 7 chance and this will also raise vital money for the club.

It’s a great way to support the club and have little extra interest in the professional rugby season!!

Envelopes will be available from Thursday 5th September.

• 72 Entrants pay £10 deposit then £5 by the end of the month for 8 months totalling £50 an entrant.

• 72 teams comprise of:
- 20 World Cup teams (6 of which also compete in the 6 Nations)
- 12 Premiership teams
- 14 Pro 14 teams
- 14 Top 14 teams
- 12 English Championship teams

• Upon their deposit they will choose an envelope that has a team named inside, they will not know the team until a date in April TBA.

• The total raised will be £3,600 if everyone keeps up with the payments. The final total will be split 60% for prize money, 40% fund raising for the club.

• There are 20 prizes to be won giving each entrant a 2 in 7 chance of winning.

• Envelopes can win more than one prize for example if England win the 6 nations and the World Cup, whoever gets England wins £500 (£100 for England, £250 for the RWC and £150 for the 6Ns, or for example if Saracens came top of the Premiership, won the Premiership final and won the Heineken Champions Cup they would win a total of £300.

• Entrants who fall 3 months behind will have their envelope raffled off.


Rugby World Cup6 NationsPremiershipPro14TOP 14Heineken Champions CupEuropean Rugby Challenge CupEnglish Championship
Runner Up£175.00£125.00£100.00£100.00£100.00
1st in league£50.00£50.00£50.00
Last in league£50.00£50.00£50.00

Total Pot £3,600.00
Prize Money allocated £2,150.00
Club keeps £1,450.00

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