Trojans Pirates

Trojans Pirates was set up with the specific intention of getting back into the 'fold' of The Club those people who have previously played for or been involved with it but have let their membership lapse and their involvement dwindle. Many have moved away from the area but still retain an affection for Trojans.
"There is no such thing as an ex Trojan"

Although the impetus for this section is Rugby led, the proposed membership is totally non-sectarian; we wish to encourage all Trojans to join and participate.

Will the section have an effect on the "balance of power" within The Club? No, membership of Trojans Pirates will be on a non-voting Social membership basis only. The fee payable will be a minimum of that charged for Social membership. If a returning member wishes to pay the Full membership then that is available to them.

What benefits will the section bring to The Club? The most obvious benefit is financial. If, say, the new section has 100 members (we certainly anticipate more than this) then this will provide an annual income of £3000.00 based on current fees. Apart from that, it is intended that various functions will be held throughout the year and these will, naturally, be income generating. However, the greatest benefit will surely be that of getting all true Trojans involved again with their Club. We will do our best to get the people back but it is up to the sections to "nurture" the returnees to their benefit.

What benefits can the returning members expect? First and foremost, the opportunity to meet up again with numerous like minded people - many of whom they, no doubt, have not seen for numerous years. Our initial thoughts are that there will be 3 or 4 Pirate specific events held each year, the format of which we anticipate being a lunch followed by watching a First Team match. We are open to suggestions and stress that the section will be led by the members. If a viable proposition is made and there is interest, we will be keen to follow it up.

We hope to be able to publish a Newsletter on a quarterly basis to promote the events and keep the members informed of the activities at Trojans. With the advent of electronic mail, we wish to encourage all communication by this method. Luddites will still be welcomed!

What assistance do we require of the current playing sections? Firstly, we hope that the sections will embrace the idea and give it their full backing. Assuming you are positive on this, we need, at this time, one or two of the section's members (preferably long standing as they should have greater knowledge of the "lost ones") to assist in the formulation of a database of lapsed Trojans to contact. Our experience so far in tracing people has shown that it has a snowballing effect as for every person contacted, they invariably can suggest the names of a few others who should be contacted. Who knows but we may end up reincarnating This is Your Life!

Obviously, once we have volunteers come forward, we will have to form a steering Committee to take the plans forward. When we have a membership based we will make the section official and appoint an across section Committee.

We have no wish to make a Committee members task onerous, we simply need knowledgeable people to assist as the task of setting this proposal up officially is not humanly possible by a couple of us. Please encourage the involvement as the success of the Pirates can be immensely beneficial to your section and The Club as a whole.

As an indication of the potential, we can report that the Rugby section held a very successful reunion lunch last December and on that day two former players agreed for their businesses to contribution to the sponsorship funds. Anything is possible!

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